Psychological aspects of the treatment of the spine

Wounds heal faster from the winners - this well-known truth clearly demonstrates the influence of the mind on the course of the disease process.Some authors known monographs in the field of manual therapy believe that the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (vertebral diseases, including scoliosis, kyphosis, postural disorders) need to impact on the region of the vertebral-motor segment (VS Goydenko, AB. Sitel), others - only on the muscular system (Liev AA, TA Ivanichev).Major labor VP Veselovsky "Practical vertebrology and manipulation" joined the above-mentioned two directions, but in this great work does not address issues of participation of the psyche of the patient in the treatment process.It is known that therapists with the same success as the vertebroneurologists, treat low back pain, scoliosis, not to mention the posture disorders.Chiropractors and therapists prefer not to meet specifically to discussions, as none of the meeting did not reveal any obvious advantages in one d

irection over the other.The spores of these will continue until the medical practitioners do not recognize: a manual treatment did not give good results, if artificially separate the physical and mental components of the human body and work on them individually.

No doctor, not to mention the scientists would argue that pathological changes in bone and ligaments of the spine can occur in isolation, without causing changes in the muscular system, not only in this segment, but the limbs and joints.He also did not deny that the above-mentioned processes are recorded and are tightly regulated by the brain.Then what could be the debate about the benefits of physical methods of treatment of mental health?The only question is how best to combine physical methods of influence on the spine with psychotherapy.Traction-pulsed effect on bone and ligamentous structures restores movement to blocked vertebral-motor segments and improves nutrition of tissues.The second result of this action is the inhibition of the dominant non-optimal movement patterns and strengthening, optimum recovery.We believe that the second result of adequate manual treatment is no less important than the first, although in the scientific literature on the methods and systems of manual treatment, this fact did not adequately lighting.

Anatoly Bobyr Mikhail Bobyr, "Healthy spine method Bobyrev" "Eksmo" Publishing House, 2011

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