Stomach cancer : diagnosis and treatment

Modern methods of diagnosis of gastric cancer, the main treatments and their effectiveness.

prognosis of gastric cancer is largely dependent on correct and timely nakolko was diagnosed with the disease, and oncologists from the chosen treatment.

Diagnosis of gastric cancer

  • X-rays on a modern device with electron-optical image converter (EOPom) can detect cancer of the stomach with certainty at 80-85%.
  • Fibroezovagogastroduodenografiya (EGD) is currently the main method of diagnosis of gastric cancer.The study carried out a tumor biopsy followed by histological study of its structure.
  • Endoscopy laparoscopy most often performed to detect cancer metastases in the abdominal organs and peritoneum, as well as for the biopsy.More often resorted to it for a decision on the feasibility of surgical treatment.
  • Radioisotope liver scans and angiography are now used infrequently, they help to identify metastasis of gastric cancer to the liver and large vessels.
  • computer and magnetic resonance tomography are
    modern and very informative research methods, which help to determine not only the true boundaries of the tumor, but also to identify distant metastases, which is extremely important when choosing a treatment strategy.
  • Laboratory methods of diagnostics (blood tests, gastric juice, stool occult blood test, biochemical analyzes, etc.).

Surgical treatment of gastric cancer

Surgical treatment of gastric cancer - is the leading treatment for resectable tumor types, aimed at maximizing the removal of the tumor within healthy tissues and regional lymph nodes with it.Type of transaction and its amount depends on the type and extent of tumor, the patient's condition and other factors.

In some cases, surgery is not limited to the complete or partial removal of the stomach, and is accompanied by enhanced and combined resection and other bodies involved in the process, as well as the imposition of connecting anastomoses, anastomosis between the stomach and the small intestine.

Sometimes these types of operations are carried out before the main removal of the tumor to the patient could recover a bit and improved patient nutrition.

In other cases, when the tumor can not be removed, such operations anastomosis and bypasses help restore patency of the stomach and intestines, remove metastases, enter the probe to the patient the power to create a gastrostomy.Prognosis in this case depends on the stage of the cancer process and condition of the patient.

Chemotherapy is a cancer of the stomach

Typically, cancers of the stomach characterized by low sensitivity to chemotherapy, so most often to create a therapeutic effect of the drug is administered locally through a special catheter into the blood vessels that feed the tumor.

This treatment is called neoadjuvant intraarterial polychemotherapy (VAPHT).It is used in the preoperative period, after the operation, as well as in inoperable patients.As an independent method of treatment of chemotherapy is hardly ever used.


gastric cancer therapy is most often used as an adjunctive treatment in combination therapy, as the sensitivity of the cancer to radiation is small.Thus, depending on the type of tumor performed preoperative and / or postoperative radiation therapy, which may be followed by chemotherapy.

This type of treatment is called combination therapy, and its use greatly improves the prognosis of the disease.

Symptomatic therapy

Held to destination the attending physician for the correction of the patient's condition, to relieve pain and symptoms of intoxication, to combat anemia and the shortfall in the body of the patient vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc., as well as forprevention of complications.

patients with gastric cancer are subject to mandatory health examinations for life.

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