Cyst brain after injury not only

Cyst brain after injury not only
brain cyst after injury may not appear immediately.Its formation occurs in the place where he was and where the focus of injury absorbable hematoma.

Introduced brain cyst after an injury, as well as a consequence of hemorrhage or inflammation of the brain membranes, also called the arachnoid cyst.It looks like a bubble of liquid between the structures of the brain.


cyst Also known in medicine arachnoid cysts, there is a cerebral cyst, which is also called intracerebral.In the first case, the accumulation of fluid occurs between the meninges, the layers are stuck together.In the second case - in place of the deceased already part of the brain.

Arachnoid cyst of the brain, which appeared as a result of the injury, got its name from the name of the arachnoid membrane of the brain.If in the cyst fluid pressure exceeds the intracranial pressure, the consequence would be squeezing the cortex.This type of cysts located mainly on the surface of the brain.

Intracerebral cyst fills only the space k

otoroe formed in place of the deceased already part of the brain, and is located in the very thickness of the whole of its substance.The most important thing in this case - to determine the cause of death of this area, as this will provide an opportunity to make every effort to remaining parts of the brain have been preserved.

Causes of brain cysts

Generally speaking, any kind of brain cyst occurs after an injury.But there are other causes of cysts:

  • stroke;
  • low cerebral blood flow;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • surgery in the cranial cavity.

Do not confuse the brain cyst after injury and cancer.These are completely different concepts that have different symptoms and, accordingly, the consequences.However, there are common properties of such diseases.brain cyst after trauma can grow.And this is not always possible to cure.Treatment also must always begin with the identification of the causes of the cyst.

Symptoms of brain cysts

All symptoms of a brain cyst which appeared as a result of damage or for any other reason determined by the underlying disease, which has provoked the appearance of the bladder with fluid.Therefore, different patients may be quite different symptoms.Moreover, symptoms may, both separately and in combination.

patient may experience headache, ringing in the ears to hear, even with good hearing.Also, sometimes there is a feeling of fullness or a feeling of pressure in the head with a feeling of pulsation.In some cases there is hearing loss, which may be accompanied by visual disturbances.

brain cyst after an injury - it is a frequent diagnosis in neurosurgery.It should cause concern only in the case of cyst growth.But it must be kept under constant supervision of a doctor who prescribes treatment.

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