Pain in the knee after injury

pain in the knee after injury
pain in his knee after an injury - this is a common reaction.But knee pain can be a symptom of many diseases and to signal any violations in the body.

Slight pain in the knees may feel anyone as joints experiencing heavy loads and are easily injured every day.Overloading and knee injuries occur most often during sports, outdoor activities, as well as activities related to physical activity.

Do not be surprised if there was a pain in the knee after injury, since it tends to bother a long time.

Causes of pain

knee pain occur when damaged knee ligaments, cartilage, tendons, as well as pathologies of any elements of the joint and periarticular inflammations bags.Pain in the knee after an injury - are not the only problem.There may also be joint stiffness, resulting in low mobility and inability to lateral movements.The pain is sometimes accompanied by hyperemia and edema of the knee.

most common cause of pain - a severe injury, a long time after it is received and cure the pain persists.

causes of knee damage:

  • sharp fall in both or on one knee;
  • uncharacteristic or excessive bending of the joint;
  • strong knee kick or knee to any solid object.

pain occurs in the first minutes after the injury in the knee, gradually developed a bruise.Usually as a result of compressed or damaged blood vessels and nerve endings, for these reasons, in the area of ​​the lower leg and the knee appears numbness, tingling, skin can become very pale or bluish color to take.

Species knee injuries

knee pain always occurs after injury.However, damage to the knee joint parts is not necessarily due to a strong single impact, but also as a result of repetitive loads, for example, pressure or movement.Too much load leads to the fact that irritated joint tissue, there is an inflammatory process.Pain in the knee after injury and during intensive sports - a common phenomenon.

list the varieties of acute injuries of the knee joint.

  1. ligament rupture.
  2. damaged meniscus.
  3. Injury to tendons and ligaments in the knee area of ​​the cup.
  4. Dislocated kneecaps.
  5. Dislocation of the knee, which is quite rare, as only occurs when excessive effort.
  6. Closed and open fractures of the lower part of the femur, or upper portions of the patella or tibia.

In any case, feeling pain in his knee after suffering an injury, you need to carefully treat the injured leg.And in order to avoid serious complications, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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