Injuries to the head and neck : the causes and dangers of such injuries

head and neck injuries
head and neck injuries are dangerous for humans, because after these severe complications occur: headache, vomiting, nausea, blurred vision, difficulty in walking, mental disorders, loss of memory or consciousness.The ambulance after the injury, the greater the chance to restore the damaged areas of the body will be provided.

after head and neck injuries can occur various injuries: a bruise, bump, abrasion, wound, bruise or sprain.But the degree of injury depends on the nature of the damage.If broken one or more layers of fabric, the impact can lead to injury of the skull or brain.

The same applies to the neck - if the wound has touched the artery can be opened profuse bleeding, dangerous to human life.For injuries of the head and neck should exercise extreme caution in the treatment: the deep damage of key arteries and brain tissue can cause bleeding and hypoxia of the brain.

Causes of head and neck injuries

head and neck injuries can occur in different circumstances: domestic injury, damage asso

ciated with extreme sports, injury during operation of the technical machine, etc.The main factors which can cause damage to the head and neck are as follows.

  1. a blunt or sharp object such as a stone or a stick.When such bumps appear superficial damage the soft tissues of the brain.Upon impact, the neck may be short-term asphyxia (suffocation) with painful shock.Beat with a baseball bat or iron fittings can cause not only damage to the tissues, and bone fractures of the skull, and even fractured trachea.
  2. collision with a vehicle.internal bleeding can occur when a collision with a car or a motorcycle, which is very dangerous.With this injury requires urgent surgery, as opposed to external damage is difficult to establish the presence of internal bleeding.
  3. injuries sustained in the fight.In the fight the most common injuries are considered to be the head and neck injury.

Dangerous moments with whiplash

There are several dangerous moments in injuries of the head and cervical spine.It is necessary to consult a doctor immediately in the following cases.

  1. child who inflicted injury, less than 9 months.At this age, there is a risk of fracture of the cranial bones and cervical vertebrae.
  2. Damage middle layers of the skin on the head, a deep open wound.
  3. If after 5 minutes of injury the bleeding continues, despite the first aid.There is a risk of arterial bleeding.
  4. There is constant vomiting, severe headache.The pupils of the eyes are not the same, have difficulty with motor movements and neck muscles.

whiplash dangerous for people of any age.In the event of damage to the head or neck should see a doctor immediately.If the injury is related, for example, with an internal or external bleeding, the speed of delivery of the patient to a medical facility can save his life.

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