Methods of treatment of blunt trauma eye

blunt trauma eye
Blunt eye injury is a pathology of the organ of vision, associated with damage to the eyeball.Such injuries occur quite often, and their causes vary widely.

Blunt eye injury is divided into several varieties, in accordance with the defeat of certain parts of the optical system.There are injury Age, conjunctiva, lacrimal ducts, the sclera, cornea, vitreous body, various eye departments.


eye injuries in the basis of determining the severity of blunt trauma eyes are functional and anatomical abnormality in the eyeball.There are the following degree of blunt trauma to the eye.

  1. Easy blunt trauma.Processes that regress - brief pain in the eye socket area, scars, age, eye injuries of surface tissue.
  2. moderate injury characterized by partially irreversible processes and physiological changes.Perhaps the reduction of up to 0.3 diopters.With this blunt eye injury observed light and medium injuries century, conjunctival damage, as well as some changes in the retina.
  3. Heavy blunt eye damage expres
    sed in irreversible functional and morphological changes, as well as permanent and sustainable reduction of visual acuity below 0.3 diopters.Such injuries include damage for which completely lost visual functions: detachment and retinal tear, hemophthalmus.
  4. very severe blunt trauma to the eye.Such injuries include cases of irreversible blindness.Often accompanied by deformation of the eyeball rupture or separation of the optic nerve.Full or partial amputation of the eyeball.

Blunt eye injury is also characterized by the erosion of the tissues surrounding the eyeball.With a large focus of damage affected corneal epithelium, the epidermis of the skin surrounding the eye, possibly infection and inflammation of the lacrimal canals.

methods of treatment of blunt trauma eye

First aid for eye blunt trauma should be directed to the removal of pain and discomfort in the affected eye, as well as the elimination of edema or hemorrhage.Symptoms of a blunt injury of the eyeball is not always possible to identify the first time.Therefore, it is recommended to assign a full range of drugs for pain relief, regeneration and stimulation of the damaged vision.

as first aid for eye injury, use anesthetics ( "Novocaine," "Piromekain" "Lidocaine"), analgesics ( "Trigan", "Analgin") and sedatives ( "Seduxen", "tazepam" tincture of valerian).In case of severe damage to the eye tissue will appoint a course of antibiotics, sulfonamides.

Blunt eye injury should be eliminated as soon as possible from the moment of its application.Dumb strike could trigger a sharp and permanent reduction of vision.Effective and timely to provide medical assistance at the blunt impact can save the optic nerve and can help avoid surgery.

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