Hypothermia and overheating : first aid

hypothermia and overheating
Each of us understands that the supercooling and overheating occurs when the ambient temperature falls or rises above the limits of comfort.Causes and symptoms of these conditions are well known, and they make it possible to take adequate measures.

If a person loses more heat than it produces, comes hypothermia, which can cause many dangerous internal changes.The diagnosis of "hypothermia" is put when the body temperature drops to 35 degrees.Overheating of the body is no less dangerous: being subjected to prolonged exposure to high temperatures, the body begins to get hot, lose moisture.The most dangerous consequence of this state - heat stroke.Man faints, starts raving and writhing from convulsions.

As you can see, hypothermia and overheating - polar, but a very dangerous state.They have common symptoms, but the diagnosis is made with 100% accuracy.If each of us will know how to respond in the event of their occurrence, victims can count on a favorable combination of circumstances and to maintain fu

ll health.

Hypothermia and overheating: how to prevent the development of complications

Remember, hypothermia and overheating of their dangerous consequences, they can trigger the development of irreversible complications and even lead to death.Therefore, it is important to be able to provide first aid.And to overcooling and overheating must be taken with a high degree of responsibility, so if you saw the victim of hypothermia, it is necessary to provide him with the following assistance:

  • immediately rewound the victim in a heated room;
  • undress him;
  • inspect the case detection frostbitten skin.If not, follow the instructions;
  • warm the hot tea, if possible, put it in a warm bath, but watch out for, so that the initial temperature of the water coincides with the victim's body temperature.Then slowly, very carefully, you can raise the water temperature, the maximum allowable performance - no higher than 37 degrees;
  • after bath gently wipe the body, rub with alcohol or vodka;
  • wrap the victim in a warm blanket;
  • ensure its abundant hot drink.

overheating and cooling assistance during heatstroke

If you see that someone has heat stroke, provide assistance to the victim the following:

  • move it into the shade;
  • lay so that his feet were 30 cm above your head;
  • remove outer garments with him;
  • put a rag on her forehead, soaked in cold water;
  • permanently change compress;
  • turn on the fan;
  • damp cloth blot the whole body;
  • if the victim is conscious, give him to drink every 15 minutes for a glass of water.
  • if a person is unconscious, immediately call an ambulance.

Remember, any abnormal temperature of the body is dangerous.If symptoms develop for the worse, call your doctor urgently, hypothermia and overheating can lead to death.If the victim for an hour does not come to the senses, the consequences may be irreversible.Hypothermia and overheating affect the vital systems that are responsible for the normal functioning of the body.

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