The main stages of hypothermia

step supercooling
General hypothermia is considered to be state of the body in which the body temperature drops below 35 degrees.It causes the braking systems of internal operation, which leads to a deterioration in the general condition.Accepted provide several stages of hypothermia, indicating the severity of the possible consequences.

Even with a slight supercooling greatly reduced the protective functions of the body, causing a dangerous destructive processes.Man plunges into a lot of stress, begin changes in the joints, and brain that can lead to irreversible consequences.

If a person is not the time to administer first aid, develop complications may not only lead to disability and death.Therefore, each of us must understand and be able to distinguish stages of hypothermia, to be able to provide the necessary assistance to all those who will be in such a dangerous situation.

main stages of hypothermia

There are factors that can accelerate hypothermia: it develops much more quickly if the person at the same tim

e exposure to cold, wind and water.Doctors distinguish 3 stages of hypothermia:

  • light;
  • average;
  • heavy.

Phase hypothermia different severity and consequences of certain symptoms.

The different stages of hypothermia

Light stages of hypothermia caused by low temperatures, characterized by the appearance of faint fatigue, weakness and drowsiness.Man ceases to move actively, there is a certain stiffness.Identify weak hypothermia is simple, get the victim to utter a word.

articulate, hindered pronunciation - a sure sign of the first phase of hypothermia.Rare heart rate, elevated blood pressure, excessive thirst, fever, skin color of the marble - all of these symptoms should get everyone agitated and immediately provide first aid to the victim.Average

hyperthermia phases occur at lower body temperature to 29 degrees.Sight becomes meaningless, confused consciousness, breathing becomes shallow.If you feel the pulse, it will be very weak.The skin of the person becomes cyanotic.

Of hypothermia is the most dangerous heavy steps.Man loses consciousness, the pupils are very narrow and poorly reactive to light.Hands and feet numb, loosen them can be difficult.If you put your hand on your stomach, you will see that the abdominal muscles strongly strained, almost palpable pulse.If the body temperature drops below 22 degrees, the people perish.If you see the symptoms described, immediately move the person to a warm place and call an ambulance.

As you can see, the definition of hypothermia stages is simple: they indicate the severity of the condition, thus helping to provide adequate assistance to the affected.

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