The degree of supercooling and the corresponding temperature

supercooling temperature
Hypothermia - a process of continuous lowering of body temperature under the influence of cold to dangerous levels.Border state, after which there are signs of hypothermia - temperature exposure.

temperature of supercooling of the human body is 36 ° C.The organism is subcooled if it loses more heat than generates.This usually happens when you are in debt under conditions of low temperature and high humidity.

temperature hypothermia varying severity

are the following degree of human exposure.

  1. Mild hypothermia.It occurs when supercooled body temperature drops to 32-34 ° C.At the same time there is a fever, "goose bumps", the skin becomes pale, there is a difficulty in speech.Blood pressure is usually normal, sometimes slightly increased.With this degree of supercooling possible frostbite certain body parts I-II degree.
  2. average degree of supercooling of the body.It occurs when the value of the temperature of the body hypothermia is reduced to 29-32 ° C.There is a significant slow pulse (50 beats pe
    r minute), lower blood pressure.Breathing becomes rare and superficial.The skin is cold to the touch, cyanotic.Often when such a degree of supercooling attacks drowsiness.Sleeping in this state absolutely can not.During sleep, the energy production is significantly reduced and the person may die.With this degree of supercooling possible frostbite I-IV degree.
  3. Severe hypothermia.It occurs when perestuzhennogo body temperature falls below 31 ° C.In this state, the human heart rate slows down to 36 beats per minute.Man loses consciousness.Breathing is very slowed down to 3-4 breaths per minute.It starts acute oxygen starvation of the brain.In humans, there is vomiting and cramps.With this degree of supercooling can be very severe frostbite.The lack of immediate assistance will cause numbness and death.

How to provide first aid in supercooling

victim should immediately be placed in a warm room.Release him from the frozen clothes and shoes, warm.To warming well suited bath with warm water.Water temperature must be at least 15 minutes to bring gradually to 37 ° C (body temperature).After the bath, rub the body of the victim of vodka before the full sensitivity of the skin.

victim should be good to wrap up and give to drink hot drinks - milk, tea, fruit drinks, jelly.This will improve blood circulation and make up for his heat in the body.If there is a suspicion that the person has reached the temperature of supercooling moderate or severe, you should immediately call a doctor.

Hypothermia is very dangerous to humans.If hypothermia reached temperature, you should immediately take steps to warm the body and restore the body's vital functions.In severe cases, you must seek professional help.

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