Recovering from an injury or meniscus tear

recovery from a meniscus injury
Recovering from a meniscus injury can vary depending on the individual case.But almost always it is always quite long and complicated process.

recovery after injury meniscus - a long process, cause damage to cartilage inside the knee joint layers.Last function as depreciation and stabilization of walking.

Recovery and protective regime after meniscus injury

protective mode after a meniscus injury involves a variety of measures that vary depending on the severity of the particular case.Typically, the use of crutches or appointed latch on for several weeks.

Because even small tears of the meniscus for a full recovery can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month, even such minor injuries require specific protective regime and, of course, the program of physiotherapy.

With significant damages the structure of the meniscus recovery may take longer than two months, as a lot of time is needed to postoperative rehabilitation after serious injury.

operations can be done in several ways:

  • arthroscopic way, ie without disturbing the natural form of half-rings;
  • suturing in which significantly increases postoperative rehabilitation period.

After surgery the patient is required to be appointed after the exercise program of rehabilitation of meniscus lesions, which are necessary to improve the fixation of the knee muscle, and subsequent injury prevention.

Recovering from a meniscus injury requires, as a rule, perform a specific exercise program, which must include active movement in the knee.We list the main types of them.

  1. Performing patient-assisted exercises, ie, bending at the knee the damaged leg with the help of the other.
  2. Squat with the ball behind his back when the patient presses the large special fiziomyach lower back against the wall and crouches to the maximum possible depth.
  3. Walking back.When the patient is turned to the back of the head of the treadmill control panel and holding hands on the railing, while carrying out walking with a roll of the foot the legs from the toes to the heel.
  4. exercise program on a stationary bike with short pedal.
  5. system exercises step-down, when the patient stands on the degree and makes a slow step with your good leg, down at the same time with a tap.Sometimes after this test exercise conducted exercises step-down.
  6. dynamic balance training with elastic band on his good leg.

important step is the selection of rehabilitation for each situation set strictly individual exercises.Also, in addition to physical therapy after an injury meniscus appointed recovery with massage, cryo, electrotherapy and other therapies.

worth noting that an independent recovery after a meniscus injury can be dangerous.It is important to promptly consult with a specialist about the appropriateness of the selected exercise program.

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