What foods speed up metabolism

What foods speed up metabolism
viable organisms ensures proper metabolism, which is one of the key characteristics - speed.If it was slowing, will help to remedy the situation knowing what foods speed up metabolism.

metabolism or metabolism - is the process by which the body is continuously supported energy balance.The human body creates new cells derived from dietary micronutrients and simultaneously consumes energy to maintain their vital functions.

compounds used as potential energy, the body also receives from food, any of the previously created inventory.Products that can speed up the metabolism, - one of the ways to maintain this balance in the norm.

reasons that slow metabolism

optimum should be called a metabolism in which the lapse of time is practically no difference between the quantity consumed and energy expended.When you slow the metabolism of the body does not spend all the energy previously obtained, and organizes its reserves in the form of fat.This can be avoided with the understanding which foods accelerate m

etabolism.Reducing the rate of metabolism due to several factors, in particular:

  • unbalanced diet;
  • less active lifestyle;
  • diseases.

of the above it is the quality of the diet has the greatest impact on the rate of metabolism in the body.Therefore, from which products it will include will depend on the acceleration of metabolism.

accelerates metabolism products

If normalization of metabolism was the goal, eating certain foods should become a habit.There are many rumors about what foods speed up metabolism, but they are and remain rumors.The following are the products of which influence the metabolism of science he says bluntly.

  1. Foods high in protein content of both vegetable and animal origin.The structure of protein molecules is much harder than fat or carbohydrate molecules, and their cleavage body uses ten times more energy.
  2. water.As the main component of the human body, take a direct part in the metabolism of all stages.The use of pure or mineral water stabilizes the rate of metabolic processes.
  3. Condiments and seasonings.They contain an alkaloid capsaicin is very actively affects the cells that produce energy.
  4. Caffeine and its analogs.The stimulating effect of this alkaloid is well known, but it can only take small doses to avoid habituation.

The list indicating which foods accelerate metabolism, should help in the preparation of rations to all who are watching their body.It should only remember that the correct diet should be varied, it is impossible to exclude carbohydrates and fats from the diet completely.

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