Root canal treatment

treatment of teeth roots
Everyone is periodically faced with the need to visit the dentist, and many of us are experiencing an overwhelming fear.Just a few years ago, dental treatment, and the treatment of the roots of teeth, it was very painful procedure, but now thanks to the development of medicine and dentistry virtually any manipulation carried out safely.

Modern technologies allow to save even those teeth that have recently considered hopeless.Root canal treatment - the most unpleasant and difficult procedure.In most cases, when the affected nerve, tooth krona has only a partial failure, so after treatment it is quite possible to restore.However, even if nearly destroyed Kroon, the prosthesis can be installed after the treatment of tooth root.

What is the process of treating tooth

root treatment root - the process of removing from the central part of the tooth pulp.Held removal when tooth decay reaches the pulp canal and hits it, causing the inflammatory process, and then the death of the tooth.Bad tooth removed only

if it can not be recovered.

Treatment of tooth roots should be done only by qualified specialists Dental Clinic, as improper treatment of the consequences can be very sad.Especially when you consider that there are often parallel to diseases such as pulpitis and periodontitis.

Treatment of tooth root is considered a difficult procedure for the following reasons.

  1. channels have individual tooth structure, they can be deflected and branches.
  2. visually assess the teeth problem is impossible.
  3. presence of inflammatory process does not allow the right to put the seal.
  4. treatment procedure itself may last several weeks.

Treatment of tooth root includes several stages.First, the dentist exposes a cavity, and then removes the roof of the pulp chamber, removes the diseased pulp, dentin, and the waste products of microorganisms.In some cases, removal of the nerve is performed, then the physician must determine the length of the channel using X-rays.

After all these manipulations dental treatment is reduced to handling the exposed channel and its sealing.However, a temporary filling is placed in the case of the inflammatory process.

Sealing patient tooth

Sealing teeth - one of the most important stages.After you have completed treatment dental root canal and cleaned, the dentist uses for a specific sealing material suitable individually.This may be quick-hardening cements, pins or netverdeyuschie solid paste.The result of the dentist depends on how safe and reliable the material is selected for sealing.

seal must firmly block the canal after the treatment of teeth roots, it does not break down, dissolve, periodontal annoying, but should have radiopaque properties.During manipulation of the doctor usually uses anesthesia, after making a sample of allergy.

After treatment of the roots of teeth to be completed, should pay special attention to oral hygiene.Quite often problems arise because of improper care of your teeth and gums.

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