For what reasons are spoiled teeth

spoiled teeth
When the medicine and dentistry were poorly developed, people often had to endure the toothache, and remove teeth.Indeed, without proper care and treatment of teeth deteriorate more rapidly due to the fact that the enamel becomes thinner and fragile.

In our time, do not have to endure the toothache, as necessary dental care is available at any time.Even if spoiled teeth, maintain a beautiful smile helps timely prevention.A qualified dentist when to visit him once every six months, will help to avoid many problems, such as caries.

reasons on which the teeth go bad, and how to avoid

Unfortunately, even watching the teeth clean and healthy people, patients at risk of becoming prosthetist, and all because that few pay attention to high-grade oral care and teeth.Gradually teeth deteriorate if they are not cleaned in the morning and evening for 3 minutes, remove the floss food debris and do not use other appropriate oral hygiene.

To understand spoil your teeth, you need to understand how they work, for

whatever reason.Basis teeth - dentin is covered at the root portion dental cement, and in the crown - enamel.Inside the cavity of a tooth is filled with pulp, through which it is powered.

Enamel is the main protection of the dental bone, it consists almost entirely of mineral salts.The entire surface of the tooth is covered by a variety of bacteria, which destroys the livelihoods of the protective enamel, harm gums and oral mucosa.Because of this damaged teeth gradually, thus completely destroy the bacteria can not be forever.

What should be done so as not to spoil

teeth for people suffering from problems related to the teeth, should visit the dentist at least 3-4 times a year, and do not forget about oral hygiene.However, lead to the fact that at an early age begins the process of tooth decay, and may well be the wrong food.Here are the foods that are useful for teeth.

  1. The first is to diversify your diet foods high in calcium:. Cottage cheese, yogurt, beans, celery, eggs, wheat, etc.
  2. It should also eat foods rich in phosphorus: fish, sea kale, cauliflower, nuts,oats and others.
  3. Solid food is also needed for teeth, for example, apples, raw carrots.These products help to clean soft plaque from the surfaces of the teeth during chewing.

It should be remembered that the condition of the teeth depends on the general state of health, spoil your teeth, and due to some internal diseases, as well as the lack of some substances in the body.There are no methods or techniques of preservation of teeth in a healthy condition without taking into account the general condition of the person, because dental health depends on lifestyle, bad habits, etc.

Thus, taking care of their teeth should be kept in top condition the whole body, then your teeth will always be healthy and smile - blinding.

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