Neuromas cauda equina

neuromas horse's tail - a cancer of the nerve roots of the spinal cord generated and collected in the so-called horsetail, which is located in the lumbar and sacral spinal canal.

Symptoms of cauda equina tumors include severe pain, later joining sensory and motor disturbances, asymmetric loss functions, delay or urinary incontinence.This uneven development of symptoms attributed to the fact that in spite of the displacement of a tumor of the nerve roots in the early stages of dysfunction develops much later.

clinical picture

first symptoms of the disease appear in radicular pain, one-sided first, and then, sometimes after a few years - bilateral.Pain is considerably amplified in the supine position and weakened when a person stands or sits.

Zones of pain depends on the level at which the tumor originated.If a neuroma is on the level of 2-3-th lumbar vertebrae, the pain radiates predominantly at the front of the thigh.If at the level of 4-5 vertebrae, the pain is felt in the perianal region and th

e vulva.Pain in the perineum and in the bladder may be aggravated by coughing and sneezing.

sensory disturbances occur late enough.The zones are arranged asymmetrically surface anesthesia of the lower extremities and perineum.Later joined by violations of all kinds of sensitivity.Can develop cyanosis, local temperature reduction, trophic disorders, including bedsores.

deviations in the motor area is also observed in the later stages and are asymmetrical.When the tumor is located at the beginning of the cauda equina, violations have all the properties of sluggish peripheral paresis or paralysis with loss of reflexes, single or double.May develop muscle atrophy.

In the early stages of the disease better or disappear Achilles, plantar and anal reflexes.Characteristically the absence of symptoms of Babinski.

Violations pelvic organs presented urinary disorders: urinary retention, urinary incontinence or true.It is also possible fecal incontinence and violation of potency.

Diagnosis and treatment

for instrumental diagnostics neuromas cauda equina widely used magnetic resonance imaging.The main method of treatment of the disease is surgery.At impossibility of surgery prescribed radiotherapy.

Prognosis depends on the stage of the cancer process and the degree of damage to the surrounding tumor of nerve agents.With timely detection of tumors, when surgical removal is possible, a favorable prognosis.

If the compression of the nerve roots tumor has not led to their atrophy, the gradual recovery of sensitivity and healing lower extremity paresis.

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