Paleodieta : how to lose 34 kg in six months

In April 1999, Dateline NBC1 presented documenting my research on paleodiety and interviewed the Dean Stankovic, 32 years.Weight Dean during the growth of 192 cm fluctuated sharply since the end of their high school, once reaching the top level - 127 kg.Before taking paleodietu, Dean tried dozens of diets.Although he was determined to lose weight, but seemed just could not stick to the traditional low-calorie diets, such as, for example, the program "Weight Watchers" 2.They made it all the time to feel hungry.To make matters worse, during all these diets the weight at first declined, but the longer he held them, the weight loss becomes slower.

it is because the rate of metabolism in the body is reduced to save energy reserves for periods of fasting - and this is the essence of all the low-calorie diets.Eventually, after several months of starvation with these low-calorie diets, regardless of the attitude and willpower, Dean returned to the usual way of eating - basically a standard American diet.

Dean tried low-carbohydrate diet high in fat, proposed by Dr. Atkins and others.He lost weight on these diets, but complained about the low level of energy, constant fatigue and drowsiness.He was sure that all those fatty, salty breakfast of bacon and eggs, sausages and salami, as well as fat cheeses can not benefit his body.In addition, these diets become boring.Initially, it was interesting to see what will be the result of replacing one unhealthy foods (sweets and starches) other (fats), but he went through a time of crazy with desire to eat apples, peaches, strawberries - all fresh fruits.Dean just could not imagine how one can live rest of his life, consuming only a tiny amount of fruit and vegetables.It was not a lifelong way of eating!

Life had no meaning, when all that awaited him - this fat meat and cheese, cream and butter.Dean's brain and his body revolted, and again he rolled down - went back to their old eating habits and your weight still.

fall of 1998, Dean met a young woman who adhered paleodiety for several years.She gave Dean some of my work, and nutritional advice.After several unsuccessful attempts Dean became seriously adhere to my advice and began to lose weight steadily.By the spring of 1999, after six months paleodiete, he had lost 32 kg and reached a weight of 84 kg.

introductory phrase Dean in an interview with Dateline NBC: ¬ęThis is a very nourishing diet, I'm not hungry right now" - is typical comment, which agree with all those who have tried this way of eating.Two years later, Dean went on to lose weight, and described his feelings this way: "I think it's more than just a diet, it's a lifestyle.I think this is one of the greatest ever made diets.I have no plans to return to my old way of life. "

Lorraine Kordeyn "Paleodieta", "Alfa-Beta" Publishing House, 2011

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