Features prosthetic lower teeth

prosthetics of lower teeth
Prosthesis of lower teeth is the artificial restoration of lost teeth by modern methods and methods, thanks to which the differences between real teeth and prostheses are practically not noticeable.

Prosthetics of lower teeth is a process of fixation of removable and non-removable prostheses. The process of prosthetics of the lower teeth makes it possible to restore the teeth and bring their appearance closer to the natural one.

The main types of prosthesis

The classification of prostheses for prosthetic replacement of lower teeth is quite extensive. We list the main types of dentures.

  1. Partial removable dentures. They can replace several teeth at once. If there is dental prosthesis on the lower jaw using partial removable dentures, then the patient can take them off and put them on their own at any convenient time. Partial removable dentures for prosthetics of the lower teeth are of the following types:
  • plate prosthesis. They are an artificial gum line with teeth ins
    talled, made of plastic. The color of the gum can range from transparent to pink, and the color of the prosthesis is selected for the natural shade of the patient's teeth;
  • clasp dentures. These are metal constructions in the form of an arc, resting on the gums and the remains of the patient's teeth;
  • cosmetic dentures. They serve temporarily until the manufacture of fixed prostheses.
  1. Conditionally removable prostheses for prosthetics of the lower teeth are distinguished by the fact that the installation and removal of them is handled exclusively by a dentist.
  2. Fixed prosthesis. Prosthetics of lower teeth most often involve the use of non-removable prostheses with installation for a long time. Among them are:
  • implants, implanting in bone tissue in place of the lost tooth. This type of prosthesis is used to replace 1 or 2 teeth. Neighboring healthy teeth do not move;
  • crowns made of cermet or non-metallic ceramics and other artificial materials that can be mounted on a separate tooth without removing the nerve;
  • bridges, for the installation and fixing of which, one healthy tooth is activated and grinded on each side;
  • veneers are porcelain plates representing the front part of the tooth, they are used to create a shape and give the desired color;
  • dental tabs.

The installation of prostheses on several lower teeth is carried out using modern materials and technologies. Thanks to this, the exact size, shape and color of the dentures are precisely selected, soreness and discomfort is eliminated as much as possible. Thus, any way of prosthetics of the lower teeth provides high quality prosthesis, natural look and durability.

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