Pillow - cushion for a healthy sleep

Pillow-roller, which was originally a decorative element of the interior, is now increasingly used for medicinal purposes. It provides a comfortable position of the head during sleep, reduces the load and causes relaxation.

A healthy sleep is an important condition for well-being during the day. The right choice of pillow directly affects our sleep. The cushion-roller provides rest and relaxation at night, contributing to the replenishment of strength and energy.

For sleeping, we usually choose three positions. Those who like to sleep on their stomachs can do without a pillow. The classic pillow is suitable for sleeping on the back. But those who prefer to turn on their side during sleep, can not without a pillow in the form of a platen supporting the position of the neck.

Pillow-roller as an element of decor

Earlier pillows of this form served as an exquisite decoration for couches, showing luxurious finishing fabrics. Please note that the armrests of the old sofas are made in the

form of rollers.

Cushion-roll comes from the East. This crocheted elongated cushion is cylindrical, which serves as a support for the neck or back, it can be a footrest. Cushion in the form of a roller perfectly fits into the interior of the oriental style.

Pillow-cushion for pregnant women

Cushion in the form of a roller for women in the position, will be an excellent remedy against sleepless nights. It will relieve of the inconveniences associated with the fact that the future mother can only sleep on her back or side. Pillow-roller supports a growing abdomen and reduces the burden on the back. A fine mood in the morning and quiet nights are an important factor for the health of a pregnant woman. Use a pillow can be, placing under the back or stomach during sleep. It is irreplaceable pillow-roller and after the birth of the baby, during the feeding.

Orthopedic pillow-roller

A pillow in the form of a roller creates the necessary conditions for relaxing the muscles of the shoulder girdle during rest. Evenly distributing the weight of the body, it thereby reduces the load. With the use of such a pillow, blood circulation in the muscles of the neck and upper extremity belt improves, headaches diminish. It is simply necessary for people whose work is associated with a prolonged sitting posture.

During sleep, the pillow-roller, placed under the lumbar region, provides a comfortable position of the body.

With spasms, swelling of the lower extremities, a cushion in the form of a cushion is placed under the knees. It serves as an excellent preventive agent for varicose veins.

Using an infant cushion

The cushion helps the child to hold a lateral position during sleep. The muscles of a small child are very weak. Using a cushion in the form of a roller as a support, caring parents will allow the baby to sleep on his side.

Cushion care consists in:

  • washing the cover( manual or machine);
  • drying in a ventilated area, away from heaters and direct sunlight.

Chemical cleaning of the product is not recommended, since the filler, while absorbing the substances used in the treatment, can subsequently cause an allergic reaction.

Pillow in the form of a roller perfectly decorate the interior of your house, while not only performing decorative functions, but also differing in functionality. It is universal. It can be used successfully by both future mothers and representatives of the strong half of humanity, who care about their health.

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