Abdominal pain in children

Abdominal pain syndrome in children
Abdominal pain syndrome in children is one of many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Pain in abdominal pain in children is a subjective feeling that arises from the arrival of a series of pathological impulses in the central nervous system. The type of pain does not always depend on the intensity of its stimulation.

Causes and etiology of abdominal pain

Abdominal pain syndrome in children is acute( develops quite sharply and has a short duration) and chronic( it is characterized by a gradual onset and a persistent relapse within a week or a month).Consider some of the causes of abdominal pain:

  1. Peritonitis - the development of pain as a result of perforation inside the hollow organ. It is a periodic disease.
  2. Inflammatory processes of some organs - cholecystitis, appendicitis, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis, pyelonephritis, hepatitis, infectious and ulcerative colitis.
  3. Obstruction of hollow organs - chronic diseases of the urinary tract, aortic obstruction.
  4. Painful sensations in the irritated intestines, various types of tumors, hysteria.

Types of abdominal pain in children

Also abdominal pain syndrome in children( especially in the abdominal cavity) is divided into visceral, parietal, reflected and psychogenic. Visceral type of pain occurs with pathological stimuli in the organs of internal secretion and peristalsis, carried out with the help of sympathetic fibers. The main cause is the increase in pressure in the hollow organ and its pressure on the walls.

Parietal( or somatic) pain is characterized by the presence of abnormalities in the peritoneum and the patient's tissues, which are carried out by spinal nerves directly into the cerebral cortex. The cause of the damage is the abdominal wall.

Irradiating pain sensations in the abdominal pain syndrome in children are localized in parts of the body far from the focus of pathology. Occurs in cases when the visceral impulse is very intense( the passage of a stone, the friction of sand on the wall of the organ), or in anatomic damage to the organ. Psychogenic pain in the abdominal pain syndrome in infants plays the role of a predisposing factor. When such a painful condition occurs, the patient often experiences depression and apathy.

With the abdominal pain syndrome in a child, the appearance of a focus of pain is a natural process that can be neutralized by medication with pain medication. Together with the main treatment is recommended to undergo a course of immunostimulation of the body.

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