ligature braces

Currently, there is a huge selection of bracket systems, which are constantly being improved, but the classics of orthodontics remain time-tested ligature braces.

Thanks to new developments of doctors, ligature braces are now widely spread and popular, as they have become more comfortable and comfortable to wear than a couple of years ago. The ligature bracket system allows you to correct the bite and align the dentition at any age, be it a teenager or an older person.

What is ligature braces

Ligatures are called such braces, the system of which consists of small locks, glued on the teeth, an orthodontic arch attached to them, and ligature - a special element that connects the bracket and the arch.
A distinctive feature of ligatures is their property to be stretched due to the displacement of teeth. Therefore, patients using this system need to visit their dentist orthodontist about once a month to bring the bracket system into the right state.

Kinds of ligatures

All types of braces are fixed orthodontic devices that have differences. Therefore, ligature braces can be classified:

  1. By location:
  • vestibular - their fixation is made from the outside of the teeth;
  • lingual - on the inside of the teeth, most often made of metal.
  1. According to the principle of connecting the arc with braces:
  • classic - braces, in which the arc is fastened with elastic ligatures or metal threads;
  • self-ligating( ligatureless) - braces, in which there is a special mechanism( lock, lid, clip) securing the arc in the groove of the bracket.
  1. On the materials from which the bracket system is made:
  • metal - the most common and affordable braces, because they are made of the cheapest and least aesthetic material - metal. Braces from this material have been used for a long time, are still actively used and are not going to take their positions;
  • ceramic - these are the most popular braces among the inconspicuous orthodontic bracket systems. The merits of ceramic braces can be attributed to the fact that they are comfortable, which is lacking in metal, does not irritate the gums, they coincide with the color of the teeth, practically do not disturb the hygiene of the oral cavity;
  • sapphire - braces made of sapphires grown artificially. For others, they are invisible, because they are almost transparent and do not change their color for the entire period of treatment. In addition, they do not violate the patient's diction and do not complicate the oral hygiene;
  • gold - non-allergic braces, consisting entirely of gold or having a gold coating. Many choose these braces, because gold gives the system the image of the decoration and allows you to look more aesthetically.

At present, there are a lot of non-ligating braces, but the classic of orthodontic treatment still remains ligature.

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