Why hurt the gums under the crown

When a toothache first and only desire is to relieve the pain of the patient, but to find out why it hurts the gums under the crown, you need to go to the hospital.This will be the surest and most reliable way to get rid of the pain.

Many folk remedies are intended to stop the pain, but before you use them, you need to find out if it hurts the gums under the crown, or standing next to the tooth.Such methods can provide first aid, but proper treatment can provide a doctor.

Why toothache and gum under the crown

may blame poor quality preparation of prosthetics.Before installation of the denture teeth should remove all the pulp (a bundle of nerves and blood vessels) and seal up all root canals.If not completely seal up, in the void can appear harmful bacteria.

Also incomplete root canal fillings can cause pain to become a poor-quality filling material is sealed.periodontitis - As a result of the inflammation may be formed in the pores.

Another cause of pain in the gums under the crown - a perforation

of the tooth.Under artificial understand perforation hole in the tooth, which could arise under the influence of a dental instrument or during fixation of the pin in the root canal.

dangerous cause of the disease - damage to the instrument in the root canal.This means that during the operation a dental instrument just broke down, which then caused inflammation of the gums.It could happen due to violation of rotation of the tool technologies, the tool re-use, or when working in hard curved channel.

Symptoms of poor preparation of the tooth before prosthetics

If preparation for prosthetics was not carried out properly, this may indicate some of the symptoms:

  • toothache under the crown;
  • swollen mucous around the tooth by the crown;
  • originated flux;
  • fistula appeared at the crown;
  • there was a cyst under the crown.

If you have even one of these symptoms should see a specialist.

How to relieve the pain the gums under the crown

  1. Mix in a ten percent solution of novocaine protein of chicken eggs and a teaspoon of salt and then rinse your mouth with this mixture.Craft
  2. paste garlic, salt and soda, adding to this mixture 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide.This paste should brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  3. Well help mouthwash broth sage.
  4. Mix a teaspoon of salt, sugar, pepper, and three drops of vinegar, and then melt the mixture on low heat.From the resulting mass to roll the ball and put a tablet on the sore spot.

important to remember that the soft tissue under the crown can still get sick because of the disappointing hygienic condition of the oral cavity, so regular cleaning of teeth and treatment in the clinic for a professional cleaning will help to get rid of it.

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