Military service and Gilbert's syndrome

It is known that the syndrome of Gilbert, or genetic jaundice, most often affects boys in their teens. Over time, the disease does not disappear, the syndrome may fade and manifest itself during periods of exacerbation, so many are interested in the question of how the army looks at Gilbert's syndrome? Does this diagnosis give you the right not to undergo military service for health reasons?

Gilbert syndrome is a genetic feature of the body, in which the blood test all the time shows an elevated bilirubin content. This is because the body lacks a complex enzyme, glucoronyl transferase.

Symptoms of the indicated anomaly do not appear immediately. Since birth, the child is practically healthy, but with the onset of adolescence, some changes in the state are observed. The teenager becomes sluggish, he quickly gets tired and at the same time experiences severe discomfort in the sub-ribbed part. It often happens that the eyes are painted yellow. But these signs can also disappear suddenly, in

dicating that the exacerbation phase has already passed.

It is now proven that genetic jaundice does not affect life expectancy, but it is terrible because it significantly worsens the quality of life. The patient is forced to sit on diets all the time, he should not go in for sports, perform complex physical activities. Therefore, many parents are concerned about how the army looks at Gilbert's syndrome. Will boys with this diagnosis be called up for urgent military service?

Gilbert Syndrome and the Army: Legislative Restrictions

Is this a diagnosis for the army? According to the "Schedule of Diseases, Requirements for the state of health of conscripts" approved by the decree of the Ministry of Defense on October 21, 2008, patients with intermittent jaundice syndrome are called for urgent military service, but define special conditions for them, in which minor restrictions are provided. That is, the cause-effect relationship is defined quite clearly: for conscripts, the indicated genetic anomaly is not a basis for postponement or full exemption from military service.

If you are diagnosed with Gilbert's syndrome, the army will still wait for you, the service in it can not be avoided. Naturally, the necessary restrictions will be taken into account. To feel good, you must follow the following rules.

  1. Do not drink alcoholic beverages.
  2. Eat only healthy food.
  3. Never starve.
  4. Avoid complex intense physical activity.
  5. Do not take hepatotoxic drugs.

The modern army is able to provide such requirements and identify a young man to serve in the proper conditions, for example, in headquarters.

Professional army and Gilbert syndrome

The situation is different with those who dream of studying in higher military institutions. If a Gilbert syndrome is detected during the passage of the medical commission, the professional service in the armed forces will have to be abandoned. The entrant is recognized as unfit and is not allowed to pass the entrance examinations.

The question has a fairly strict regulation: for young people who have Gilbert syndrome, the army is not contraindicated - these are completely compatible concepts that can not be mutually exclusive.

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