Gilbert's syndrome : the level of bilirubin

Gilbert syndrome, bilirubin have a cause-effect relationship. Gilbert syndrome appears precisely because of this particular bile enzyme, which as a result of a genetically determined deficiency in the hepatic cells is modified, turning from indirect bilirubin into a direct one.

Today in medicine there are 2 types of bilirubin: direct and indirect. Indirect bilirubin, passing through the liver, under the influence of glucuronic acid decomposes and is eliminated from the body. But if in the body there are strong hormonal failures, indirect bilirubin begins to accumulate in the liver, which does not have time to process it. In this case, the bile enzyme stains the skin and mucous of the organs of vision in a bright yellow color, indicating that normal jaundice has begun.

Similar malfunctions can occur at the genetic level, then an extremely clear diagnosis is made - Gilbert's syndrome. Bilirubin in this disease does not go through the stage of normal processing because of the lack of an enz

yme glucuronyl transferase. The person has the characteristic symptoms:

  • severe headaches;
  • weakness and increased fatigue;
  • minor pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • nausea and bitterness in the mouth.

Gilbert's syndrome, or pigmentary hepatosis, is not a disease, but a special condition that is characterized by a constant high level of bilirubin in the blood, but it can only be diagnosed after DNA analysis, which allows excluding similar diseases.

Gilbert syndrome: diagnostic methods that detect elevated levels of bilirubin

There are special diseases that accompany a person throughout his life, among others Gilbert's syndrome is prominent. Bilirubin, its amount in the blood indicates the stage of the disease, so among other diagnostic methods, the most simple and effective is a biochemical blood test, which gives the doctor an opportunity to orient in the clinical picture.

In addition, the patient is recommended to undergo genetic testing, capable of 100% confirm the indicated diagnosis. Few people know that there are a lot of similar diseases that have the same symptoms, therefore it is impossible to speak only about the raised level of the bile enzyme about genetic jaundice.

If there is a suspicion of Gilbert's syndrome, the doctor will prescribe duodenal probing and liver biopsy. Experts will tell all the features of the diagnosis and determine the treatment strategy.

Elevated bilirubin in Gilbert's syndrome: treatment methods

It is not difficult to reduce the level of bilirubin. Treatment is selected individually, but, as a rule, it reduces to choosing the right diet, limiting exercise, taking multivitamin complexes and cholagogue. However, to ignore the help of a specialist is not worth it, as one should not engage in dangerous self-medication.

Remember: do not panic. Modern medicine is quite capable of helping those who have Gilbert's syndrome. Bilirubin, its level, all internal processes have the ability to control, helping patients improve the quality of life.

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