The syndrome of testicular feminization : diagnosis and treatment

syndrome of testicular feminization - congenital abnormality.As it is diagnosed and treatment of whether this disease is possible.

Most often, the first with testicular feminization syndrome face gynecologists.Then, diagnostic and therapeutic measures connecting endocrinologist.

Diagnostics syndrome of testicular feminization syndrome

diagnosis of testicular feminization is put on the basis of the patient's history and examination.To confirm it examined blood serum.

in serum of patients with puberty increased content of luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone indices (DFB) are within the standard values ​​women, estradiol figures do not reach the lower limit of normal for women, and testosterone level corresponds to the male norm.

Spend genetic study in which male karyotype detected.

When pelvic ultrasound uterus is absent, visualized gonads, located high in the inner holes inguinal canals along the inguinal canals, sometimes in the lower third of the channels or labia (mostly le


Treatment of testicular feminization syndrome

Determination of the karyotype in the Y-chromosome in female phenotype - an absolute indication for removal of bilateral testicular tumor in order to prevent the degeneration of the sexual glands.

With incomplete testicular feminization syndrome form is necessary to prevent the pubertal virilization of the external genitalia and deepening of voice.

the presence of congenital virilization of the external genitalia is a feminized plastic.Postoperatively, patients with these forms of the syndrome spend hormone replacement therapy to replenish estrogen deficiency.This prevents the development postgonadektomicheskogo syndrome secondary gonadotropinomy and some symptoms characteristic of menopause.

The best effect is obtained by the use of hormone replacement therapy drugs containing estrogens and progestins, because they hinder the development of estrogen-dependent breast hyperplasia and in terms of resistance to androgen tissue is performed in such patients the only role of endogenous estrogen antagonists.

Bigormonalnaya drug therapy containing estrogens and progestins, contributes to the development of terminal breast ducts and forms corresponding to the selected sex sexual behavior in adolescents.

Treatment is carried out until the average age of physiological menopause.In addition to hormone replacement therapy for detecting decrease in bone density is prescribed osteoporosis therapy.

Treatment is carried out under the control of bone densitometry and age to the closing of growth zones.It is advisable to conduct semi-annual courses calcium supplementation therapy.

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