Red rashes and spots on the skin and neck : possible prichiny.Na neck red spot - what to do

Red spots on the skin : possible causes
Everyone at least once in his life faced with the appearance of red spots on the body: for example, on the neck, arms, face.These spots can appear for different reasons: from excitement, from a mosquito bite or allergy.

Often minor reddening of the skin do not pay attention to until they begin to threaten the well-being or appearance.

But not all of redness so harmless that it was possible to postpone their treatment.Some of these are signs of serious illness.Thus, the red spot on the neck, what to do?

reasons for the appearance of red spots and rashes on the neck and other parts of the body

Causes skin red spots can be very diverse.The red spot on the neck or other parts of the body may occur for various reasons.Here are some of them.

  1. allergy.In this case, there are red rashes on the neck, spots on the arms, chest, abdomen and other parts of the body.The reason may be a variety of products, pets, cosmetics, chemistry, medicine.Usually the rash disappear after drug withdrawal, after the rejectio
    n of a product.In children, these lesions often appear on a large number of sweets.
  2. Insect bites.Often red spots appear on the skin in the summer, when mosquitoes are active, lice and other parasites.This type of red rash on the neck and other parts of the body are usually characterized by itching.Typically, a red spot on the neck in the summer, which is scratched - are more likely caused by insect bites.Typically such stains disappear within a few hours.
  3. hives.It is also allergic disorder.You may receive when taking antibiotics when sweating (as a result of which there is irritation of the skin), diseases of viral nature.Usually is a big red spots, blisters that may appear on the mucous membranes and skin.
  4. Pink zoster.Usually appears in the offseason, factors of the skin may be hypothermia, latent infection, overheating.The exact causes of pink lichen is unknown.Usually the rash is accompanied by general malaise and a slight increase in temperature.The red spot on the neck oval can be a consequence of depriving.
  5. Stress.Often red spots arise when a person is nervous.These red rash appears on the neck, chest, arms, face.they usually occur in people with disorders of the autonomic nervous system.The spots disappear when the person calms down.
  6. Eczema.Pretty serious disease accompanied by the appearance of red spots on the skin and their strong itching.The causes of eczema can be both products and cosmetics, household chemicals, stress, hormonal disorders.
  7. Psoriasis.The disease, which is characterized by the appearance of red spots covered with white scales.Also accompanied by itching.The causes of psoriasis may be a hormonal imbalance, genetic predisposition, stress, weak immune system.
  8. Infectious Diseases (rubella, measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever).For these diseases is characterized by a rash of red spots in different parts of the body.Most often in the early stages of the disease there are spots on the abdomen, elbows, face.Rarely have red rashes on the neck, legs, back.It is also accompanied by other characteristic symptoms of each disease.
  9. hemangioma.Sometimes red spots, similar in appearance to the moles bright pink or purple in color, indicate the development in the human benign tumor - hemangioma.These spots grow rapidly in the eyes, ears, nose, and not only spoil the appearance, but also can cause serious disorders of the sense organs.These spots may be a person from birth, and can occur with age.In any case, you should consult a doctor to diagnose the appearance of red or purple spots.Hemangioma is treatable, red spots can be easily removed with a laser.

If you find yourself in the red spots on the skin need to be tested, visit the dermatologist.The red spot on the neck and other parts of the skin can be nebizobidnym.Only the doctor determines the cause of the spots and prescribe appropriate treatment.

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