What to do when you get burned with boiling water

What to do when you get burned with boiling water
Burns - the phenomenon of frequent and widespread.They account for 7% of industrial and household injuries.Not everyone knows what to do in the first place when you get burned with boiling water.

Knowing CPR and first aid for burns with boiling water, the victim can independently reduce the burn area and to minimize the possibility of wound infection.

Normally, boiling water burns occur in the home or in the production of rough handling boiling liquids.If the first aid rendered correctly, the wound surface heals much faster.

Types burns

Experts identify four degrees of burns:

  • first - redness, slight swelling of the skin, pain at the site of injury;
  • second - the appearance of watery bubbles;
  • third - skin necrosis at the site of burns, scarring;
  • fourth - charring injury, damage to muscles, bones and tendons.

What to do when you get burned with boiling water

primarily with boiling water burns need to stop the damaging factors.Then you need to remove or cut the clothes, which hit the boiling

liquid.Next, cool the burned skin under cool running water for 10-15 minutes, then rinsed burn soapy water, potassium permanganate solution or a sterile saline solution.

To reduce pain and inflammation at the first and second degree burns is necessary to ensure the patient supine position, and cold lotions with a solution of boric acid.If pain is severe, you can take painkillers.

To prevent infection, the affected area is best to apply a dry sterile dressing (below the burnt tissue temperature will drop slowly), then you need to send the patient to a clinic to provide skilled care.

It should be noted that the above first aid measures apply only to the first and second degree burns.

third and fourth degree are more likely depth of destruction and death.Under these burns is better to refrain from self-medication and to ensure the victim calm before the arrival of the ambulance.

What can be done with boiling water burns

  • can not handle the affected area with fat or oil (as well as yogurt or sour cream) - this may lead to worsening of the degree of burns and deterioration of general condition.
  • can not cut or pierce the formed bubbles - this can lead to infection.
  • With deep burns can not be independently try to clean the place the defeat of clothing fragments and other debris.
  • When placing the patient on a stretcher Do not put it on the burned area - to avoid exposure of the affected area with any surfaces.

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