We tested the drug on himself - study on patients

The following year, a new drug by Russian scientists, relieving arrhythmias appear in pharmacies.

chief cardiologist of the Health Ministry, Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences Yevgeny Chazov told VitaPortal.ru Russian about the development of cardiology and own recipes longevity.


What in our lives affects the health of the heart and what we can do to protect it?

- Very strong effect of psychosocial factors.For example, in 90 years due to a number of circumstances in our strne it was huge mortality.Until the late 80s of heart disease was lower than in 1992, when the first jump occurred.The number of heart disease has reached such a figure, which did not know the history of medicine.

addition stress on the heart is also affected by smoking and alcoholism.And - you do not hear more about it from anyone - family.It is necessary to develop the psychology of forgiveness in the family, which would create a good, good environment.Little is said about the

fact that cardiovascular disease can be treated with the joys of family, but it's true.


you stood at the origins of cardiac care in Russia, the first to understand the importance of thrombolytic therapy, advanced science.How is today cardiology?

- She does not stand still, and with her help we solve a lot of problems.We do not study the whole person, and switched to the study of cells.Depending on what is happening in it, or that there is a disease.


What recent trends have made it to patients?

- More recently, systems have been developed which allow you to transfer not only talk, but also all health indicators, electrocardiogram.Already, two are consultative and diagnostic centers, which transmit and receive the information.We mortality in rural areas was higher than in the capital cities, as there is no kardiopomoschi.The new equipment allows you to remotely monitor, even for those patients who are not in the diagnostic center, and at home.While such technologies have only a few regions in the Altai region, Ivanovo.I think in 5 years there will be more.


And how is the development of drugs?

- This is all I have been doing for 30 years.Now we finish the work on drugs that destroy blood clots when starting a myocardial infarction.In the future, the drug relieves arrhythmia appears in general practice.

Good medicine should be close to man, we are interested in how to do it.For example, nitric oxide can be toxic, but we found that the toxic excesses of nitrogen takes iron, and created the drug, which is called "Oaxaca".We have experienced it for yourself, and now begin to study on patients.


How do you keep your own health?

- Three times was on Elbrus, walked through the mountains.I am sure that today the youth physical activity 3-4 times lower than those of my generation.

But the most important thing - you need to be merciful.

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