What is the examination of the dentist

Have you ever wondered why the Dental Association (and your doctor) so persistently recommend checkups every six months?And this is done for one simple reason.This regular inspection dentist is the key to the gums and teeth health.

between regular visits to the dentist is very important to observe good oral hygiene, and if necessary, you should usually come to a scheduled scan to a specialist dentist.

Check for tooth decay - it's just a part of a thorough dental examination.To identify the symptoms of oral cancer diseases, vitamin deficiency or diabetes during a routine inspection dental hygienist examining the gums, oral cavity and maxillofacial region.Also, do not be surprised if the doctor will check violations of facial structure, activity of the salivary glands, the movement of the temporomandibular joint and bite.Then, the dentist may prescribe professional cleaning and give advice on how to properly maintain a home oral hygiene between checkups.

That includes regular preventive examination den

regular examination by a dentist includes the inspection of the throat, tongue, gums and mouth.Also distinguish between external examination and clinical examination.

  1. External examination of the maxillofacial region includes:
  • check the lymph nodes;
  • inspection entity;
  • check temporomandibular joint;
  • examination of the neck.
  1. clinical dental examination includes:
  • identify the symptoms of gum disease;
  • inspection gums;
  • check occlusion;
  • inspection of loose teeth;
  • dental check closing;
  • check for damaged seals;
  • visual inspection for the presence of caries;
  • conduct X-ray examination;
  • language examination;
  • check for broken teeth;
  • inspection of the crowns and dentures;
  • inspection of the oral mucosa.

What is a dental cleaning?

If you come for a visit to the dentist, the process of cleaning and dental examinations are held on the following schedule:

  • check the purity of the gums and teeth;
  • cleaning interdental spaces;
  • removal of plaque and tartar;
  • tooth polishing surface;
  • overview and explanation of the recommended methods of cleaning teeth using toothbrush and thread.

After completion of the cleaning and inspection of the teeth the dentist will provide information about the condition of the gums and teeth, and also will provide all the necessary advice and guidance.Regular inspection of a dentist and a careful, planned on the recommendations of a doctor oral care at home can help save the health of the gums and teeth.

According to statistics, only 15% of people go to a regular maintenance inspection dentist, while the rest go to the doctor only acute dental pain or purulent inflammation of the gums.Therefore, many dental diseases are treated already "after", when problems become serious, but not when they can be resolved quickly and painlessly.

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