Elimination of pain in dentistry

dental pain
Pain in dentistry - a constant companion of a sufficiently large number of diseases.Especially this syndrome often appears in the treatment of diseases of maxillo-facial region of the skull.

Pain in dentistry doctor significantly complicates the work and greatly aggravates the fundamental human disease.But thanks to a wide range of drug therapy with the appearance of this syndrome can make the right choice is quite adequate treatment.This, however, increases the physician responsible for the effectiveness and safety of the method chosen.

drugs against pain

Visiting the dentist - it is almost always stressful.Therefore, to eliminate chronic pain syndrome in dentistry is widely used local anesthetics that allow you to block sensitive nerve endings receive, and interpret the brain signals of pain.Also in medicine there are also new, more effective local anesthetics which include:

  • articaine;
  • mepivacaine;
  • lidocaine.

These drugs make it possible to greatly improve the efficiency and safety of the

dentist in the process of patient care.

But the emergence of pain in dental practice is associated not only with the current treatment process.There is the pain of neurological, inflammatory and post-operative nature.In this case it is necessary to use drugs that have a great influence on the elimination of the formation of prostaglandins, which are involved in the process of pain.These drugs and used as a pharmacological preparation of the patient before the traumatic various interventions.Thus there is not only the elimination of pain in dentistry, but also decrease inflammation and edema after certain operations and interventions.

narcotic and non-narcotic analgesics

In recent years, a lot of non-narcotic analgesics, with strong analgesic potential, which can be compared in its activity with tramadol.In this case, dental pain is suppressed even more effectively.Along with this, there are drugs that not only block the pain in the dental practice, but also eliminate the inflammatory activity.

Thus, physicians have more choice of drugs for the individual patient, which would be the most effective and safe in each particular case.It is not excluded and the use of narcotic drugs, which clearly allow for quicker analgesic effect.

most important thing is that modern technology in medicine allow us not just to talk about an individual approach to each patient, but also to implement it in practice.

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