Causes, symptoms and treatment of Tourette's syndrome in adults

called Tourette Syndrome disorder of the central nervous system.It is characterized by a combination of myoclonic jerks of muscles of the face, neck, shoulder girdle, spontaneous movements of the tongue, lips, with frequent cough and spitting.

In addition to these symptoms, patients also present persistent urge to repeat many times certain sounds called vocal tics.The severity of Tourette's syndrome in adults can be easy, and very heavy.

Causes Tourette's syndrome in adults

Experts believe that Tourette's syndrome in adults refers to genetic diseases.If a person has a particular gene (set of genes), it increased the risk of developing this condition.In addition to genetic causes, there are some points that increase the possibility of the disease:

  • mother's pregnancy, which was accompanied by the first trimester of a strong toxicity, stress;
  • smoking, alcohol intake of a pregnant mother;
  • at birth, low weight baby and signs of brain damage;
  • lack of blood flow or oxygen at birth;
  • at the birth of identical twins very low birth weight;
  • low number of points on the Apgar score (a system of rapid assessment of the newborn state) immediately after birth;
  • childhood neuropsychiatric autoimmune disorders associated with streptococcal infection.

symptoms of Tourette's syndrome in adults

Congenital teak genetic nature in adults has increased symptoms.

  1. involuntary movements of the face, neck, shoulders, torso, legs, which become more complex over time.
  2. sudden onset of tics, which are similar and do not give inhibition.
  3. Sound symptoms (vocal tics).In this case the individual sounds are pronounced and inarticulate words.Often there ehololiya - obsessive repetition of sounds, syllables, words.
  4. Sometimes during vocal tics uttered obscene words.Patients are aware of the inadequacy and unacceptability of their behavior, but they can not control themselves.
  5. Secondary mental disorders - isolation, depression, depression, low self-esteem.

Treatment of Tourette syndrome in adults

doctors diagnose Tourette's syndrome based on the symptoms of types.

Treatment of involuntary tic genetic origin in adults is mainly focused on the ability to control involuntary movements.Most cases of this disease is quite easy and does not require special treatment.

In more severe cases, a drug therapy.The drugs help to control the condition of the patient, reduce the symptoms of depression and irritation.Good results give classes with the therapist.

Tourette's syndrome in adults in our time can not be complete cures.

understanding of people who are sick of the disease allows more effective control tic disorders.Of great importance is the support of loved ones, relatives.Since childhood, you need to hold social adaptation of such people.

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