Neuropathic pain : Causes and Treatment

neuropathic pain
One of the most common reasons for seeking medical attention is the occurrence of painful sensations that accompany a wide variety of diseases.At the same time a sharp pain often occurs after trauma or inflammation that indicates tissue damage.Neuropathic pain is observed only with the defeat of the nervous system.

Neuropathic pain occurs as a result of organic lesions of the central or peripheral nervous system, pain often arises in such cases is not due to irritation of the receptor apparatus.

Causes of the disease

most common reasons for the emergence of this disease are:

  • preceding infectious diseases;
  • brain damage;
  • mononeuropathy;
  • polyneuropathy.

Severe neuropathic pain is often observed in patients with lesions of the spinal structures in patients with syringomyelia, multiple sclerosis, metastatic and primary tumors, as well as neurosyphilis.In some cases, the cause may be a deficiency of vitamin B12.

appearance of pain as a result of brain damage often occurs when the hemorrhage of t

halamus, brainstem, heart attack, multiple sclerosis or tumors.Typically, the pain is not a specific location, is a burning, painful and shoot.Neuropathic pain may well occur during stimulation, for example, at the touch of clothing to the body.Irritants can be not only tactile, and thermal or distant.

Treatment NBS

This disease is heavier unstable mental state and poor sleep, all of which leads to depression, enhances neuropathic pain and complicates treatment, so treatment should start as soon as possible.

Therapies NBS:

  • blockade of local anesthetics;
  • pharmacotherapy;
  • destructive effect on the roots of the spinal cord;
  • medicinal methods: acupuncture and electroneurostimulation.

non-drug methods have been successfully used only at an early stage of the disease, as well as to enhance the impact of basic analgesics.Neuropathic pain is eliminated perfectly farmokoterapiey carried out taking into account the pathogenesis.Special means to address these pain are antidepressants, adrenergic agonists, antikonsulsanty, opioids and local anesthetics.

mechanism of antidepressant action based on blockade of the peripheral adrenergic receptors, calcium channel blockade and central monoamine reuptake which have analgesic effect.NBS successfully treated some anticonvulsants, suppressing spontaneous ectopic discharges, but they have many side effects. Leukopenia, cardiotoxicity and other local anesthetics are used for short-term pain relief, they quickly arise tolerance.Opiates increase inhibitory signals and are highly effective in the treatment of neuropathic and nociceptive pain.Simpatolitikov suppress high sensitivity to catecholamines, and relieve pain.

It should be noted that despite the effectiveness of these medicines various dosage groups, NBS is not included in the indications for use of almost all of them.

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