Violations of peripheral vision

peripheral or side vision - the vision that made the peripheral areas of the retina.The main objective is a side view of orientation in space.

light from an object, which falls on the periphery of the retina, allows you to see the object to determine some of its properties.Peripheral vision is most sensitive to the white color to the flashing object.At the same time, you can perceive two objects in view, which covers an angle of 120 °.

Types of violations of the side view

Violation of peripheral vision may occur as a result of small dormant areas of the retina eyes.Thus one sees dark spots, or he has a lot to loss of vision.

also possible narrowing of the visual field.It may even lead to a small "island" in a central region of the eye.In such a case, the person sees the world as if looking through a small tube.These changes are called tunnel vision.Sometimes there

partial visual field loss in different volume - a quarter, half, and so on.

causes of violations

lateral view may be different reas

ons for which the disturbed peripheral ability to see.The most common are the following:

  1. retinal damage.Damage may be different.This minimal damage to retinal nerve cells contributes to dysfunction.This entails a violation of peripheral vision.Such damages include vascular diseases of the eye, detachment of the retina or retinal separation.Often the destruction of nerve cells in the retina cause degeneration (deterioration of the biological characteristics) and degeneration (systemic disorders) retina.
  2. Glaucoma.The disease, which is associated with increased intraocular pressure.The patient is damage to the optic nerve.And one of the characteristic symptoms of this disease are disorders in sight.
  3. Damage to the optic nerve can be the result of impaired circulation in the blood vessels that nourish the nerve.Another reason could be the trauma, swelling, or inflammation of the optic nerve.
  4. Increased intracranial pressure at which the developing optic nerve damage.
  5. brain damage.It may be caused by trauma, brain tumor or blood circulation in the blood vessels and hemorrhage.

peripheral vision is a necessary component part of man.Deterioration or loss of peripheral vision - a symptom of many serious diseases.You should periodically check your vision.At the first sign of problems with the eyes should be treated by a professional.The only way to prevent the development of serious illness.

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