The lymphatic system : why it is needed

role of "white blood" in the human body.

Another ancient Greek physicians knew that, in addition to the circulatory system in the human body has a system through which flows the "white blood".

its features for a long time were not very clear.The first who suggested a direct connection with the occurrence of transport lymph edema, was the Swede O. Rudbeck.

It later emerged that the lymphatic system (lymphatic system) may be subject to various microorganisms and tumor cells.

vessels of the lymphatic system, as well as blood, pierce all body tissues.Due to the special structure of the lymph valve flows only in one direction - to the heart, and passive and very slowly, due to the reduction of skeletal muscles surrounding the blood vessels.

lymphatic system - a reliable barrier against foreign substances.It includes organs and cells that protect the body from the introduction therein of various foreign agents.It consists of the primary lymphoid organs - the thymus gland (thymus) and bone marrow - and se

condary, which includes the spleen, tonsils, lymph nodes, blood vessels and capillaries.

main functions of the lymphatic system

  • carrying lymph from the tissues into the venous system, the absorption of water from the tissues and metabolic products;
  • involved in immune responses and lymphopoiesis;
  • implementation of barrier function.

lymphatic system is closely linked to the immune system.The thymus and bone marrow play a major role in the immune system.

T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes produced in bone marrow stem cells, but the maturation of T lymphocytes occurs in the thymus.

Malfunctions lymphatic system leads to the appearance of the illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, frequent headaches, unhealthy color, contribute to fluid retention in the tissues and cause the appearance of edema.

Since the lymphatic system is responsible for the immune system, then any failure in its work can lead to various diseases - from the common cold to cancer.

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