Naftizinovaya relationship: learn to breathe freely

how to get rid of dependence naftizinovoy
Today, many people experience discomfort from the effects of the use naftizina.Allergist may suggest several ways of how to get rid of dependence naftizinovoy.Consider these ways in this article.

any dependence often begins slowly and quietly to the man himself and his associates.The answer to the question of how to get rid of dependence naftizinovoy to be found in the reason for this phenomenon - addiction to pharmaceuticals.

How can I get rid of dependence naftizinovoy: folk methods

Among folk remedies There are many viable options on how to get rid of dependence naftizinovoy.

  1. daily to reduce the number of drops of the drug, in parallel to replace other methods of treatment.After each drug administration used emollient oils and ointments to dry and prevent erosion of the nasal mucosa.
  2. Irrigate nose solution of sea salt and water at the rate of 1 tspsalt to 1 cup of warm water.
  3. naftizina Instead, use the following solution: 1 g of propolis, ½ tspolive oil and ½ tsphoney.

Searching folk metho

ds you can use to get rid of dependence naftizinovoy, precautions must be taken.

Modern methods of medical treatment naftizinovoy depending

Modern medicine has many methods that help to find a solution how to get rid of quickly and correctly naftizinovoy dependence.Doctors often use psychological methods of influence on the patient, to deliver him from dependence on a particular drug.2 There is the most effective way to get rid of this dependence: conservative and surgical.Let us consider each of them.

  1. conservative method.Dependence on drops "Naphthyzinum" cured by reducing the frequency of administration of the drug.Along with the gradual reduction of the dosage used antihistamines, acupuncture, reflexology.
  2. surgical method.If mucositis has reached such an extent that the patient's breathing becomes more difficult surgery use.Used method of radiowave surgery, through which removed porous cavernous body of the nasal concha cavity.The operation is performed under local anesthesia.

should not accept drug addiction as a simple and easily curable disease.Much better to neutralize the first symptoms of the disease, than to find a way to put an end to naftizinovoy addiction and its complications.

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