Lasers work wonders

Doctors use a laser to correct retinal detachment, myopia and astigmatism.

about the prospects of development of ophthalmology in an exclusive interview told Nina Balashov, Head.Department of exports of health services FSI IRTC "Eye Microsurgery".Academician SNFedorov.

- What do we do wrong, why every year, patients have just come ophthalmologists?

- We all live in a certain environment, which made watching TV, reading, working on the computer more than a walk and enjoy nature.We do not eat, we do not have time to relax and look somewhere further, beyond the horizon.The world, we are looking at, is limited to the proximity.

- How quickly developing modern ophthalmology?

- Five years ago, we did not do that right now.Techniques and views on many things are changing rapidly.Last of the achievements that we have learned to work with microscopic ones, even to correct retinal detachment.

Our leading surgeon in this area Zakharov Valery has just arrived from an international conference

in Vietnam, where he demonstrated the operation on vitreous.The Vietnamese did not believe what they saw.The operation took place on the subtlest level.

through microscopic incision without sutures can be done even supercomplex inside the eye, and a fantastic operation.My heart skips a beat at the sight of this, a more perfect picture for our area is difficult to come up with professionals.

- What discoveries was linked your research activities?

- I dealt with the progressive myopia high at a time when microsurgery has not yet been developed, considered the most progressive radial keratomas that allowed hundreds of people to get rid of glasses.

At that time, hundreds of patients were operated on at the Institute.There were moments of particular risk, but the fact of the operations then gave hope to those skilled that myopia is not a sentence.With addition of glasses and contact lenses, which, by the way, not all suffer, there are some other ways to improve quality of life.

keratomas was then incrementally studied and became a colossal base for further operations.Then in its place came lasers.

- And then there is much



- Of course!Many years ago, when I finished the Institute, he went to the ophthalmology and began to study the scientific literature, the first time I wondered what else can be done in ophthalmology, because everything is already discovered and described.

Then I realized that can be done a thousand times better.The world will never be the end of superfoods, tomorrow will be something new.This incentive life.

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