Symptoms , treatment and prevention of initial caries

initial caries
Initial caries can be cured.To do this, when the first symptoms of the disease of the teeth should contact the dental clinic where you will have the necessary treatment.

in the development of caries are distinguished 2 stages: initial caries ( "stage spots") and late (stage surface of the tooth defect).In the initial stages of dental caries is still possible, if not cured completely, stop its development without sealing method.

Symptoms of initial caries

Initial caries is manifested by the presence of white or dark-colored stains on the tooth surface.White spots are caused by leaching of calcium (demineralization) from the enamel, which is porous and brittle.The surface is smooth and matte spots.

presence of white spots on the tooth enamel indicates that the demineralization process is not yet complete.When calcium loss ends a spot becomes brown in color, which is the second stage of initial caries.

The most common initial caries diagnosed in the cervical area of ​​the upper or lower teeth.Pain s

yndrome in this stage of disease are usually absent.Very rarely, there is increased sensitivity to cold or acid.

Treatment of initial caries

Treatment of caries first stage is based on the remineralization of the damaged area of ​​the tooth.Changes in the tooth enamel may disappear by entering this area of ​​mineral components.This effect is achieved by using 3.1% solution of "Remodent" 10% solution of calcium gluconate or 2.10% strength solution of calcium phosphate acidified.remineralization method is as follows:

  • carious tooth is cleaned with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution;
  • produced drying the tooth surface with a cotton swab or warm air;
  • superimposed application remineralizing solution for 15-20 minutes;
  • dried tooth surface;
  • superimposed cotton swabs soaked in 2-4% sodium fluoride.

remineralization can also be performed by treatment with an initial caries affected tooth gel with a high content of phosphorus, fluorine or calcium.Good results in the treatment of caries "stage spot" is the use of "ftorlakom", as well as electrophoresis with a solution of calcium gluconate.

Preventing caries

Initial caries is easier to prevent than to cure completely.Therefore, it is recommended to all people as a prevention of dental diseases to take food rich in salts, phosphorus, and calcium.Also, as a preventive measure used toothpaste with fluoride and calcium.It is important to remember that you need to brush your teeth 2 times a day: in the morning and evening.And when the first symptoms immediately seek the help of a dentist.

timely medical care will help prevent the progression of caries.Detection and treatment of dental caries at an early stage to reduce the risk of tooth loss.This once again underlines the importance of regular checkups at the dentist.

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