Methods of treatment of stomatitis in a child

appearance of sores in the mouth causes a lot of discomfort and complicated meal.How to cure stomatitis in a child - the main question that arises for many parents in the case of the baby's disease.

Stomatitis - an infectious disease caused by the bacteria staphylococcus or streptococcus."The disease of dirty hands" - the second name of stomatitis.Most often, they suffer little children, who tend to swallow everything that is bad.How to cure stomatitis in a child?This is what will be discussed in our article.

symptoms and manifestations of stomatitis Stomatitis

always accompanied by the appearance of ulcers on the oral mucosa.It may appear quite differently, in addition, each type has its symptoms.Among the manifestations of stomatitis include the following:

  1. Herpetic stomatitis.It becomes the cause of a weak immune system of the child, which is prone to the development of herpes.In adults, herpes limited to rash on the lips, but in children becomes stomatitis.At the time of the disease can turn u
    p the heat.Proper treatment of stomatitis in a child allows a week to get rid of the disease, but in the acute form of the disease can last up to several weeks.
  2. Microbial stomatitis - the most common form of the disease caused by a fungal bacteria.How to cure stomatitis in a child caused by bacteria that can be found in the corresponding specialization of the doctor.
  3. traumatic stomatitis - caused by mechanical or thermal damage to the oral mucosa.If a child is bitten tongue or cheek, mouth burned hot drink, then the lack of hygiene in the field of damage appear ulcer.


stomatitis stomatitis treatment in children should be based on strengthening the immune system, the use of a variety of gels or other means designed to relieve pain.In milder forms, you can use the popular recipes.Here are some of them:

  1. mixture of honey with Nystatin or zelenkoj well kills germs and promote healing of wounds.
  2. Baths of infusion of chamomile also have an antiseptic effect and allow you to relieve inflammation.
  3. Streptocide, butter and honey, mixed in equal proportions, to give good results.

If stomatitis the child in the acute stage of inflammation, how to cure it, can only say a qualified doctor after a diagnosis and determine the specific cause of the disease.

excellent prevention of occurrence of stomatitis is compliance with the rules of hygiene, maintenance of immunity and good nutrition.For information on how to cure stomatitis in a child or adult, you can ask the doctor, but it is best to observe some simple rules.So, the right amount of vitamins A and C will allow to preserve the health of resistance to various infections, and the purity of arms and regular dental care will make it impossible to pathogenic bacteria to multiply and get inside, causing infectious diseases.Thus, the question of how you can cure stomatitis in a child, will never excite you.

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