Motion Sickness : Causes and Symptoms

the first time the phenomenon of motion sickness people faced during the voyages.It subsequently emerged that the same symptoms occur on water, land and air.At seasickness had many names: air sickness, motion sickness syndrome, motion sickness, kinetosis.

Motion sickness - motion sickness, kinetosis (from the Greek kynesis -. Motion) occurs when exposed to mechanical or optical stimuli during an active or passive movement of the body in space.In other words, because of the movements of the vibrational motion sickness.Starting torque in the event of a conflict between the state of sensations that come from different senses.

Causes The main cause of motion sickness is the weakness of the vestibular apparatus.Also take into account the individual propensity to develop the disease.In general release two reasons . In the first case symptoms arise due to non-compliance of the vestibular, visual and sensory.Those.senses (inner ear and proprioceptors of muscles and tendons, the cerebellum, the eye and th

e visual centers of the brain), responsible for the perception of movement, sending conflicting signals to the brain.For example, while in a moving vehicle, the vestibular apparatus one feels that moves at a certain speed in a certain direction, but at the same time receptors his muscles, bones and joints are sent to the brain information about the complete immobility.This discrepancy annoying balance control centers and body position in space, which in turn causes weakness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.The second reason the developing kinetosis - unusual for the acceleration of the vestibular apparatus, or a change.This can contribute to a sharp acceleration and braking on the car, climbs and descents on the elevator, turns on the plane.

disease forms

-Nervnaya.Its main symptoms are dizziness, heaviness in the head, headache, weakness, drowsiness, pallor, sweating.

-Zheludochno-intestinal.This form is characterized by a distortion of the sense of taste.There is a taste of soap, nausea and vomiting.May develop aversion to different odors: food, tobacco smoke, exhaust, gasoline.

-Serdechno-vascular.In the initial stage quickens the heartbeat, increased blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances.With further development of motion sickness pulse becomes rare, breath - the surface, the blood pressure falls.

-Smeshannaya.It includes almost all the symptoms of the disease.This is the most common form of kinetosis.

Who suffers most

are women have a lower resistance to motion sickness than men of the same age.Especially prone to state during pregnancy and menstruation.

-Children aged from 2 to 12 years.

-Pozhiloy age, often with the pathology of the cardiovascular system

-Easy excitable people suffering from neurasthenia


Manifestations seasickness (kinetosis) begin gradually.First, there is yawning, drowsiness, dizziness, weakness.Then, growing nausea, vomiting begins, disturbed coordination of movements.Prolonged motion sickness with severe vomiting may lead to hypotension, dehydration, exhaustion and depression, a clear violation of consciousness.Symptoms kinetosis may increase under the influence of additional stimuli:. Bright or dim light, pungent smell, lack of fresh air, etc. However, after the termination of the acceleration symptoms disappear

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