Braces in pediatric practice

Dentists recommend installing braces for children who have any defects or malocclusion of teeth.Timely correction of dental defects save a child from a low self-esteem, as well as from a variety of diseases, which may cause a curvature of the teeth and malocclusion.

Follow shut your baby need in the first years of his life, and although braces set children only 10-12 years to start to deal with dental defects can be in other ways.

How to deal with dental defects

absence of any attempt to correct the bite or disadvantages baby teeth can lead to undesirable consequences.These include:

  • clicking of the jaw joint when opening the mouth;
  • pain in the masticatory muscles and neck;
  • headaches;
  • digestive tract diseases;
  • caries;
  • facial asymmetry.

If the baby does not allow for the installation of braces, you can deal with the defects of his bite in other ways.For example, using the gym, which trains the chewing muscles and develops them.Since the bracket system for children under 10 years old are not

established dentists to correct dental imperfections can use trainers or plate - both permanent and removable.Most plates and trainers worn only at night, so the baby discomfort such structures do not bring.

Braces: How to persuade a child

So, your child has reached the age limit, when the use of braces, it is possible.Unfortunately, not all children are aware of the importance of treatment of braces: they are afraid of the pain of installation designs, ashamed of their appearance.How to be in such a situation?

Parents need to persuade the child to wear braces.There are several ways.For example, you can explain to a teenager that the braces are worn by many celebrities, examples of known names of people who, in spite of the dental and external defects have achieved great success in life.Also try to choose a bracket system with your child: at the moment there are ceramic structures, as well as systems with colored ligatures, which will surely like a teenager.Unfortunately, it is absolutely invisible lingual braces for children are not put as how to care for them is difficult.

Timely installation breketnyh systems for children, as well as other methods of correcting malocclusion, will help you maintain the health of your child in the future to avoid various unpleasant consequences, one way or another connected with the presence of dental defects.

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