Brushes for braces

constant presence of braces in the mouth suggests that the interdental space is almost not cleared.That is why today are popular special brush for braces, with the help of which a person can comply with all the rules of oral hygiene.

Modern dentistry allows for the correction of anomalies of dental system in the early stages.One of the ways of correction are braces that can be installed for both children and adults.

Despite the popularity of braces, there is a myth that because they develop tooth decay, which leads many to abandon the installation of such structures.But it is necessary to know that with the advent of the special brush for braces likelihood of tooth decay has been reduced almost to zero, and is currently Braces are an effective and safe means for the correction of malocclusion.

brushes brackets: what features

for braces Brushes provide oral hygiene.They clean the surface of the teeth and braces themselves, prevent the emergence and subsequent development of caries and tartar.The den

tist, who sets braces, always warn patients that they should brush their teeth now only a special brush.The brushes are designed for cleaning braces, provide:

  • qualitative removal of plaque from the surfaces of all teeth and from under the arches of the system that can not be done using conventional brushes,
  • massage the top of the gums without its destruction and damage;
  • accurate cleansing, absolutely no damaging bracket system and its arc.

At the moment, there are several kinds of brushes designed for cleaning braces.In particular these include brushes having V-shaped cut in the middle and a soft bristle brush in an elongated central part and the edges.For a brand to draw attention - a doctor decides, the main thing - the brush should be of high quality.I have such need to brush every three months in order to avoid diseases of the teeth and gums.

Selecting brushes brackets

Select brush bracket systems should be based on the recommendations of the orthodontist.Only he decides what will suit you brush it to cleanse your type of braces.In addition, the selection also depends on brush species dentoalveolar defect.

Do not pick up brush carrier bracket systems, focusing on aesthetics and cost.Also, do not challenge the doctor's recommendation.The only thing that needs to be done to the patient - is to ask how to properly use a brush and subsequently fully follow the advice of your dentist.

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