Anorexia nervosa : reluctance to eat

Anorexia nervosa : reluctance to eat
Sometimes in the pursuit of beauty can be lost, and the beauty and health.What is anorexia nervosa.

Anorexia - lack of appetite on the background of the body's natural need for food, leading to significant weight loss.Anorexia can be a symptom of diseases of the digestive and endocrine systems, as well as accompanied by urogenital disorders (eg, chronic renal failure).Short-term anorexia, caused by physiological causes (various kinds of diseases), does not much damage.The situation is different with psychogenic, or anorexia nervosa, which is a chronic disease.

Anorexia nervosa (anorexia neurosa) - an eating disorder in which the patient consciously limit your diet to reduce weight.Anorexia nervosa is characterized by mostly women 12-24 years old, although cases of anorexia and male teenagers were described.

Causes of anorexia nervosa

Psychosomatics reluctance there is the desire for beauty.If the pursuit of the perfect body of a woman trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right and exercise, th

en it will have good health and well being.But sometimes women are so unhappy is that choosing a hard and fast way to lose weight - not eating.In order to achieve results as soon as possible, they sometimes used strong laxatives.

The reason for this limitation is the inadequate perception of their own body, is gradually turning into an obsession (she sees in the mirror is much more complete and ugly reflection than the surrounding).Misconception about yourself persists after weight loss.

All because of false ideals

big role in the formation of stereotypes of beauty played by the media: fashion shows, glossy magazines, fashion program.Image of 'girl model looks "every year further away from natural healthy forms.Nevertheless, women are susceptible to this influence and tend to become thinner, pale and close to the cherished ideal.

Another risk factor for anorexia nervosa is the direct environment of women.The victims of anorexia are often girls who are in school or institute were attacked or critical comments from peers (especially members of the opposite sex).

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