How is the treatment of deep caries

Today, most people trying to give their teeth more and more attention, because the problem of tooth decay is much easier to decide at an early stage of development.With timely treatment to the dentist treatment of deep caries will not take much of your time, effort and money.

Deep caries is the most difficult and the last stage of decay.This disease affects the layers of dentin, which results in serious damage of the tooth surface.With this type of caries tooth pulp is separated by only a thin layer of dentin and soft, so the treatment of deep caries in any case can not be delayed.Deep caries may occur:

  • primary - from the surface or middle caries;
  • second - under the seals, when cleaved, defects or after previous treatment.

Typically, deep caries leads to significant destruction of tooth tissue.Overhanging the edges of enamel remaining tissue can hide a defect, but after removing the surface layer of enamel, and a thorough examination revealed large cavities.Therefore, to deep caries and treatment

did not catch you by surprise, not to delay the campaign to the doctor.

Symptoms Symptoms of deep caries expressed morbidity in probing carious surfaces.Acute pain occurs as a result of falling into a cavity of food debris.Also, very often the pain occurs when the temperature changes, such as hot or cold food and drinks.Therefore, when the first symptoms of deep caries treatment it must be done immediately.

Treatment of deep caries

Treatment of deep caries usually begins with professional diagnostics, then designated the work front and carried out anesthesia.Treatment continues by thorough cleansing cavity from the soft dentin.In severe cases, this disease affects the pulp, then the dentist has to spend depulpation tooth.

During treatment of deep caries dentist uses various antiseptics, calcium-containing gaskets, insulating fluorine-containing sealants.If the treatment of deep caries performed on time and professionally, the living tooth can be safely maintained, even if there has been severe damage dentin.But if treatment is delayed, the majority of the problematic tooth removed.

very important to understand that it is desirable to apply to the dentist is still in the early stages of the disease when the tooth decay looks like a stain, and is just beginning to hit the tooth enamel.With early treatment the physician may be limited only solution to restore tooth enamel.In addition, used in the treatment of dental caries, modern materials allow to maintain the color, shape and aesthetic appearance of teeth.Therefore, to prevent the development of deep caries, it must be treated in the bud.

Thanks to modern anesthetics, which are effectively used drugs nowadays dentistry is able to heal from deep caries is completely painless.

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