The diet for the prevention of colon cancer

The diet for the prevention of colon cancer
What should be the diet for the prevention of colon cancer.

Proper nutrition plays an important role in the prevention of many diseases, including colon cancer (colon and / or straight) cancer.Healthy food thus involves less consumption of fats and obtain essential nutrients from food, but not in special additives.

amount of fat in the diet in colon cancer

large amount of fat consumed is the most important factor in the development of colon cancer.Drinking large amounts of fat helps produce bile acids - substances produced by the liver and intended for fat digestion.

When injected into the small intestine, primary bile acid (formed in the liver) by the action of intestinal microflora are converted to secondary bile acids which are harmless to the colon mucosa.If the fall in the colon primary bile acids (as a result of dysbiosis, for example, or a very large number of them), they cause damage of the mucosa, inflammation and spasm reflex, resulting in constipation.

Preventing colon cancer: ant


Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals and prevent the development of cancer.Free radicals are a by-product arising from the consumption of oxygen by cells.They damage the cells of the body by oxidation - the same process by which the iron rust and oil becoming rancid.

In the cells of the body provides a natural defense against free radicals and the ability to recover from damage caused by them.Antioxidants such as beta carotene and selenium, enhance this protection.According to research, when the body with food antioxidants absorbed better than when taken in the form of special additives.Natural sources of antioxidants are fruits, vegetables and some kinds of tea.

Other vitamins and minerals

  • Folic acid.Today proved that folic acid is an excellent tool to fight cancer.It is necessary for the formation of new cells and tissues.The most common sources of folic acid are citrus fruits and vegetables with dark green leaves, especially spinach.
  • Calcium and vitamin D. Recent studies have shown that these substances contribute to not only strengthen bones, but also the treatment of colon cancer.By the natural sources of calcium include milk, cheese, yogurt, salmon (salmon), sardines, and vegetables with dark green leaves, such as curly kale and collard, mustard greens.Sources of Vitamin D - salmon, sardines (and other fatty fish from cold seas), fortified milk, egg yolks and chicken liver, as well as sunlight.

Dietary fiber for the prevention of colon cancer

Dietary fibers are considered a good way to prevent colon cancer.Although controversial results of studies on their efficacy in the treatment of colon cancer, dietary fiber should have a positive influence on the general condition of the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal motility improving and purifying it.Because of this potentially toxic substances are not trapped in the intestine and not its effect on cells.

has been suggested that some types of dietary fibers are capable of neutralizing toxic substances and to prevent their absorption in the intestinal cells.The sources of dietary fiber are whole grain breads, cereals, berries, beans and other legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, brown (brown) rice.

Herbal substances

useful in colon cancer are also recognized plant chemicals such as flavonoids, phenols, terpenes contained in plant foods, including tomatoes, citrus fruits, berries, peppers, carrots, broccoli, cabbage andsoya beans.

rules of healthy nutrition for the prevention

cancer organization to correct anti-cancer food, observe the following rules:

  • in the diet should prevail products of vegetable origin;
  • fatty food consumption, especially of animal origin, should be strictly limited;
  • necessary to provide physical activity to maintain a healthy body weight;
  • to limit alcohol consumption.

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