Natural regeneration of the method for U.Beytsa

natural regeneration of
Modern medicine offers treatment of eye with glasses or surgery.But in some cases it is actually a natural restoration with the help of special exercises.

theory of natural recovery of developed American ophthalmologist hives Bates.In Russia, his followers began to GAShichko and VGZhdanov.

Basic principles of natural regeneration by Bates

The basis of all visual impairment is mental stress, which occurs when the eye is "trying" to make out the subject.Consequently, the natural regeneration of possibly learn to shoot if the voltage is correct.Each refractive error corresponds to a kind of stress that it is called (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, strabismus).

Bates also believed that the accommodation process is carried out not by changing the curvature of the lens, and due to the impact on the shape of the muscles of the eyeball.Natural regeneration takes place with the help of special exercises for the eyes.


to improve vision naturally very important to learn how to relax th

e eye muscles.For this purpose, ideal palming - exercises performed with the help of hands.Classic palming follows.The palms are superimposed on each other in the form of the house, closing the eyes themselves.Eyelids should be open.At this time there is a "warming up" the eye by using the hands warm.Due to this, the muscles relax, which is a very important point for the natural recovery of view.On the basis of this classic exercise Bates developed a set of exercises to train the weak eye muscles.

Gymnastics for the eyes on the Bates Method

very important place in the gym for the eyes averted Bates Morgan.Perform all exercises should be without glasses, some muscles of the face, avoiding sudden movements.The exercises are simple enough in design:

  • eye movement up and down and winking again move left and right, and then blink;
  • eye movements on a diagonal: left down, right up, blinking.Then, right down, left, up, blinking.Repeat several times;
  • eyes draw a rectangle: up, right, down, left and up.Then, in the opposite direction;
  • eyes need to draw a "face" and move the eyes clockwise, then, after a blink - counterclockwise;
  • left eyes need to draw a "snake", then - in reverse order.

To properly exercise you need while palming think about pleasant, because only in this state, the muscles relax perfectly.Before the release of Palming need to present something black, like black velvet or black ink spilled.

Natural regeneration of view it is quite possible if you perform these simple exercises.Home - need to apply them daily, regularly.Especially this method is effective for eye fatigue after working with a computer, where it is very important to observe the rest period.

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