Treatment of varicose veins : modern technology

without surgery How to get rid of varicose veins and spider veins.

Traditionally in our country for the treatment of varicose veins used phlebectomy - plastic surgery to remove the vein, which is performed under general anesthesia.Today phlebologists try to use less traumatic for the body treatments of varicose veins, which allow to prevent the development of severe forms of the disease.

laser treatment of varicose veins

Endovasal laser coagulation (EVLT) - a high-tech method of treatment of varicose veins using a special laser device that generates two types of waves.

Laser radiation wavelength acts on the principle of welding, "brewing" the damaged section of main veins.It is not damaged by the surrounding tissue and nerves, and thus eliminated the risk of complications (hematoma and purulent inflammation).

With short wave, which affects the surface portions of the venous tissue can be eliminated and the characteristic of the venous net and spider veins.The patient can go home within an hour aft

er the operation.


  • opportunity to treat both feet at once in one session;
  • no general anesthesia and prolonged postoperative period;
  • absence of severe restrictions on the state of health and age;
  • cured at any stage of the disease;
  • high cosmetic effect.


  • phlebectomy comparable to the cost of treatment.

Compression sclerotherapy for varicose and mikroskleroterapiya

The method is based off of patients with venous blood flow using injection therapy.Following the achievements of the world phlebology, domestic experts apply techniques microfoam sclerotherapy (foam-form).The gist of it is that the vein introduce a special preparation (sclerosant) that glues the inside wall of the vessel, and for the best effect applied local compression.

Usually, this procedure is performed under ultrasound guidance, providing excellent visibility vessels.

Under mikroskleroterapiey sclerosants understand the impact on small intradermal vessels.As a result, the grid and disappear venous asterisks.In some cases, a transillumination mikroskleroterapiya, which provides excellent visibility of small vessels.It is based on contrasting reticular veins that are invisible to the naked eye, by using a special light source.


  • soft and quite effective against varicose veins;
  • treatment on an outpatient basis without turning off of the usual rhythm of life;
  • affordable price.


  • no ideal sclerosant, which means that the blood flow is resumed in some areas;
  • bruise, so it is best to carry out sclerotherapy during the cold season.

Radiofrequency treatment of varicose veins in the legs

Radiofrequency Ablation (obliteration) - along with EVLT most progressive surgical vein treatment method from within, without incisions and removal.Special radio frequency radiation penetrates the affected portion of the vessel and heats it to a certain temperature.As a result, this area is destroyed, and the place spikes subsequently replaced by connective tissue.

The main advantage of this minimally invasive technique is the ability to handle large-diameter main veins that were previously subject only phlebectomy.Radiofrequency obliteration is widely used in cardiac surgery to remove lesions in the myocardium contraction.


  • the possibility of treating the chronic varicose veins;
  • softness postoperative period (not even need pain medication);
  • absence of severe restrictions on the state of health and age;
  • high cosmetic effect;
  • cured at any stage of the disease.


  • impossibility of carrying out the operation at a thrombophlebitis or strongly marked vein tortuosity.

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