What is the front hyperostosis

front hyperostosis - a combination of three symptoms: irregular thickening of the frontal bone, increased body hair and male pattern obesity.

second name of the disease - a syndrome of Morgagni - Stewart - Morel.This is quite a rare disease suffer, as a rule, women over forty years.

definite answer about the reasons for its development is still no.There is an opinion that the specific role played by hormonal disturbances occurring in menopause.

Chronic inflammatory diseases of the maxillary and frontal sinuses, which are often suffering patients, may lead to an increase in the synthesis of a number of pituitary hormones.Increased production of growth hormone causes thickening of the frontal bone and sella, occipital and parietal bones.The excess corticotropin explains obesity and increased body hair.


front hyperostosis often asymptomatic and is detected only after death.In the presence of clinical manifestations of the disease begins with intense headaches in the forehead and back of t

he head, because of which there is irritability and poor sleep.Often mental deviations occur in the form of depression, apathy.Sometimes patients complain of memory loss.

Uneven growth of the frontal bone, in some cases becomes a cause of unilateral exophthalmos, when the eyeball protrudes from the eye socket.Patients gain weight quickly, although the diet stays the same.Formed fat depots on the chin, chest, and abdomen.The skin becomes pale and cold to the touch.Because of impaired circulation and metabolism often develop eczema, trophic ulcers.

cardiovascular system can not cope with an increase in body weight, increased pressure, there is shortness of breath when walking.In developing lung congestion that contributes to the development of pneumonia.

Hormonal changes lead to menstrual disorders.It becomes either too long or, on the contrary, short.In contrast to such symptoms of menopause, it is not accompanied by "Tide".

Noteworthy activate hair growth in places that are not typical for women: on the face, breasts, abdomen.They are becoming more coarse and dark.Violation of hormonal causes the development of diabetes.In this case, patients concerned about excessive thirst, itching of the skin and mucous membranes, increased urination.

disease diagnosis

syndrome Morgagni - Stewart - Morel, like a number of other diseases which are based on changes in the hormonal nature.

correct diagnosis is made based on a combination of typical symptoms: after forty years of age, a thickening of the frontal bone on the radiograph, obesity and body hair of male type.

blood test can detect elevated levels of the pituitary hormones (growth hormone and corticotropin) and adrenal glands (cortisol).

treatment of disease

front hyperostosis not pose a threat to life, the prognosis of it favorable, so the treatment is symptomatic.

Diet therapy and exercise have a good effect in obesity.When blood pressure increase applied antihypertensives.In very rare cases, during the examination reveal pituitary tumor that causes the use of radiation therapy.

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