Therapeutic clay at dysbacteriosis

use clay for therapeutic purposes has been known since ancient times.And now, many naturopathic doctors have used it in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system.

dysbacteriosis very frequently accompanies many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and the clay is a good additional means of therapy, accelerating recovery.

Types of therapeutic clay

clay occurs naturally in various colors: white, yellow, red, green, gray, blue, brown.In medicine, the most commonly used blue and white clay (kaolin it is called).It is believed that the best use for the treatment of those kinds of clays that are common in the area of ​​patient residence.Now in any pharmacy or beauty shop you can buy ecologically clean, sterile healing clay and use it for other purposes.

The largest number of trace elements and minerals contained in the blue clay, so it is considered a universal remedy.In addition, this type of clay enhances the therapeutic effect of other types of therapy: medication, homeopathic, and herba

l medicine reflex, etc.

Therapeutic effect kaolinoterapii

Clay has good absorbency: it removes from the body toxins, salts of heavy metals and toxins.In addition, it has antibacterial properties, it helps to activate the body's defenses, strengthens the immune system, restores micronutrient deficiencies.

brings great benefit to the clay and bowel diseases, concomitant dysbiosis.When injected into the stomach and then the intestines tiny particles of clay withdrawal of toxins and stimulates the digestive process, while absorbing gases, toxins and killing pathogens.

contraindications for the treatment of clay there, but it is recommended to start reception with half doses, gradually increasing the amount of drug.When the effect is stabilized or will diminish, should take a break of several weeks, otherwise the body can get used to the clay and cease to provide a curative effect.

Treatment of this natural medicine is absolutely harmless, so it is recommended for adults and children, and the elderly, as well as nursing and pregnant women.

Clay oral solution

To prepare the solution, take 1 h. Spoon of dry clay and poured her a glass of warm boiled water, stirring with a wooden spoon and drink immediately.The remaining sediment in the bottom of the glass is poured.

clay dosage can be gradually increased to 1 tbsp.spoon.More often than twice a day to accept such a solution is not recommended.

Within a few days of clay broth will be noticeable positive.

With prolonged use it may cause constipation.In this case it is better to temporarily stop taking or change the method of use: use clay for making therapeutic baths, enemas, as well as applications in the stomach, which is very useful for intestinal spasms.

clay-linen blend for therapeutic enemas

To prepare this mixture prepare a decoction of flaxseed rate of 1 tbsp.Spoon seeds per 1 liter of liquid (boiled 20 minutes), then allowed to cool broth, it is mixed in equal proportions with the finished clay water (recipe above) and filled into enema.

after each bowel movement is recommended to drink one glass of water with lemon juice or with the addition of small amounts of the same therapeutic clay.

Such an enema should be carried out in two or three days, and it is better to begin treatment with the usual enemas and only gradually introduced into the water the prepared solution, first in small doses, and then in larger ones.

During treatment, it is desirable to adhere to a vegetarian diet, as well as to take the clay into 1 h. Spoon (stir in a cup of water) twice daily.

Therapeutic baths on a clay water

To prepare a bath in hot water (37-38 degrees), add 15-20 Art.spoons clay (depending on the tub volume) were thoroughly mixed to uniformly water became turbid.Then take a bath for 25-30 minutes, then rinsed with warm water body without using soaps, lotions and other cleansers.

take such a bath is not recommended more than two or three times a week.They have a tonic and a light antiseptic, promotes excretion of toxins, improves skin condition, stimulate the function of sweat and sebaceous glands.

Very useful such baths (sitting) during exacerbation of hemorrhoids, with dysbiosis, irritable bowel syndrome.

clay-starch bath is used to relieve the itching, dryness and irritation of the skin, an exacerbation of hemorrhoids.To prepare the bath take on the 10 st.spoons clay and starch and added to a bath filled with water.The treatment of such baths - 15-25 procedures every day or every other day.

Rubbing mud

usually grinding is carried out directly before bathing.With a cotton swab applied to the skin clay water or very clay, diluted to a creamy consistency.

Clay allowed to dry for a few minutes, and then wash it in the shower and then rub the body (pain points).After that, do not rinse the body and sore spots.

Rubbing mud recommend to do in the intestinal spasms, colitis with dysbiosis, and also as a restorative remedy for asthenic conditions.

compress clay

When expressed flatulence, goiter, diarrhea is recommended in addition to the reception inside the clay to make a compress on the abdomen of a clay water in conjunction with applications of clay, diluted to a creamy consistency, with the clay lotions (30-40 minutes).The result is felt almost immediately.

Dilute 150-200 g of dry clay powder with warm water (it can be replaced by any herbal decoction) to paste-like consistency.Put the clay in the abdomen (the region of the intestine) even, thin layer.Shelter with plastic film and cloth (blanket).Such compress left for two hours then washed in the shower (without soap) moistened with water or a soft cloth.The course of treatment - 10-12 daily procedures in colitis, dysbiosis, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea.

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