Acrylic dentures

acrylic dentures
used in dentistry denture acrylic in the absence of the patient several or all teeth.When this acrylic dentures are used when the portion without teeth is too long or not possible to restore teeth bridges structures.

Make dentures from acrylic hot and cold kompressatsionnoy polymerization or by injection molding.Removable dentures from acrylic make it possible to restore the functionality of the dentition.

Types acrylic dentures

Acrylic dentures are of two types.

  1. full dentures.They are used in case of a complete lack of teeth in the jaw.Fixing this prosthesis to the gums is due to the suction effect of the gingiva.Such a prosthesis has a curved plastic plate covering the jaw and palate.This plate is attached artificial plastic or porcelain teeth.
  2. partial dentures.Such prostheses are used in the absence of individual teeth.Use acrylic removable partial dentures and as the time when dental procedures.They are made of plastic, has hooks (clasps), which is attached to healthy teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic dentures

acrylic dentures have a number of advantages:

  • for fixing the prosthesis does not require turning of the teeth;
  • using acrylic denture chewing burden falls mainly on the sky, which prevents the destruction of healthy teeth;
  • ease of installation of the prosthesis and holding hygiene procedures to care for him;
  • a wide variety of shades;
  • comfort and aesthetics of the application;
  • safety and the possibility of patients of all ages;
  • such prostheses are an excellent solution for temporary replacement teeth after their removal, promoting the healing of gum tissue;
  • democratic installation price.

have dentures from acrylic, there are some disadvantages:

  • long process of getting used to these prostheses;
  • fragility design acrylic dentures;
  • insufficient fixation of the prosthesis in the mouth;
  • high porosity of the material, resulting in the prosthesis accumulate bacteria, which may lead to the beginning of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.

Care of dentures from acrylic

there are some limitations when using removable acrylic dentures for teeth.Do not chew gum.The received food should not be hard, rigid.Removable acrylic prostheses require careful maintenance.They must be regularly cleaned to remove plaque and food debris.It is particularly important to do this before bed and after meals.

At night it is recommended to remove dentures that could break the gum tissue.Dentures acrylic placed overnight in a special cleaning liquid.If an acrylic denture is damaged, you should contact your dentist for his restoration.Wearing a damaged prosthesis may contribute to loss of teeth and cause injury.

Acrylic dentures - one of the most common types of removable structures.Their use has made prosthetics affordable and convenient for the majority of patients.

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