The composition of saliva

The composition of saliva
Colorless and transparent liquid called saliva plays a very important role in our lives.Thanks to her, a person is able to fully digest food and maintain their health.The composition of saliva contributes to the fact that it is a powerful protective agent.

saliva composition allows it to become a universal means of contributing to the normal life.It is through the saliva, we can qualitatively chew food, we moistened the mouth, there is articulation, enhanced palatability taken in foods and is also produced reliable protection for teeth of different kinds of injuries.

saliva composition

saliva composition of each person is very diverse, which allows it to perform a variety of tasks at the mouth clean and active participation in the digestive process.It is not the last role in the process of developing a saliva occupy exactly the salivary glands.

From saliva composition of the greatest interest in the study are its enzymes.In this case, the word "enzymes" means the totality of organic substances of

protein origin, thanks to which is possible to speed up the chemical processes occurring in our body.It should be understood that the enzymes themselves are part of the saliva in its original form and does not turn into the further interaction.Here they act as a catalyst.The main enzymes that are part of the saliva are:

  • maltase;
  • amylase;
  • ptyalin;
  • oxidase;
  • peroxidase, as well as many other proteins.

Thanks to these enzymes in the body liquefies the food and performed its initial chemical treatment.Likewise shaped bolus, which is enveloped in a special substance called mucin.In more simple words, thanks to the enzymes of saliva swallowing food easier, and it is easy to pass into the stomach.

Here we should remember that in the mouth under normal chewing saliva is retained only for 20-30 seconds.After that, it enters the stomach, and continues to influence the bolus is already there.In total, a similar effect to the food from the saliva continues for 20-30 min.

Other elements that make up the saliva

addition to the enzymes in the saliva contains many salts and inorganic substances.For example, in the composition of saliva should contain:

  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • potassium thiocyanate;
  • phosphates;
  • chlorides.

The essential components that can be found in saliva, it should also refer trace elements involved in the processes inside the human.

Thus, the composition of saliva shows us a very rich set of different elements.Precisely because of this it has such a large range of properties, which facilitate human activity and retain his health.

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