Prevention of tooth decay in children

Prevention of tooth decay in children
caries prevention should be carried out since the birth of the child.Due to the high sensitivity of primary teeth pathology may develop at the age of 2-3 years.

caries in children - a very common phenomenon.Period of physiological maturation of the enamel or tooth mineralization, can last 2-5 years, and during this time (especially in the first year after the eruption) children's teeth require careful and effective care.

Most parents are wrong, being assured that the milk teeth will still be replaced with new caries and it is not terrible.Compounding the situation of lack of proper oral hygiene and later appeal to the dentist.

doctors have to treat the child, not only from tooth decay, but also by complications - pulpitis, periodontitis.Thus in childhood is extremely desirable to treat the root canals, since the enamel and the tooth roots are not fully formed.Yes, and the procedure for the treatment of caries often turns into serious psychological trauma for the child.

can not neglect the preventio

n of dental diseases.To accustom the baby to take care of dental health can and should be from early childhood.

Oral hygiene for prevention of dental caries in children

Home Care begins before the eruption of the first tooth milk newborn.If possible, after each feeding the baby should be given to drink boiled water in the morning and in the evening a sterile sanitary napkin to wipe your mouth.

For children up to a year, there are special toothbrushes with soft bristles and safe toothpaste.In order not to injure the gums in the first few months of life, teeth cleaning can be used silicone fingertip.

Due to immature motor skills a child up to 6 years can not independently qualitatively to clean the teeth, and therefore help the parent control in this matter are essential.Hygiene oral procedure the child should be conducted under the supervision of parents to 9 years.

Replace children's toothpaste on fluorinated should not before the child learns to spit and rinse your mouth.Frequent ingestion of such great danger of fluoride toothpaste and fluoride overdose intoxication, so choose the means of oral hygiene should be strictly on age indicators.

Proper diet for the prevention of caries in children

The best diet for a newborn baby - breast milk.According to world statistics, artificially-fed babies get sick more often caries.In addition, the process of suckling stimulates the correct formation of the mandibular system.

Do not use a pacifier with honey or syrup.It is necessary to limit the consumption of sweets.The fact that proliferate streptococci on the tooth enamel only medium.Bacteria are processed sugar, and the resulting acid destroys teeth.If instead of a sweet child will regularly eat fresh fruits and vegetables, it will not only preserve the enamel, but will receive the vitamins in natural form.

important element for teeth - calcium.For its stable intake of the diet should be present in dairy products: milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese.For the assimilation of calcium is needed vitamin D, which the suppliers are fish dishes and the sun.

Preventive dental checkups

Regular dental check-ups are planned effective preventive measure against the formation of caries and other diseases for all young children.Expert not only tell you how to properly care for the mouth of the patient according to his age, will learn to brush their teeth, but also to reveal any pathology in the early stages.

For example, in the diagnosis of chalky spots - the initial stage of caries of deciduous teeth - is assigned an effective non-surgical treatment: the application of fluoride varnish (Ftorlak) fluoride or silver compounds.At this stage of caries formation process is reversible, the enamel of children's teeth is subjected to remineralization, ie self-healing due to external macro- and microelements saturation.

should be held at least twice a year for children's dental caries prevention inspection.

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