Reduced visual acuity : causes, diagnosis and treatment

Reduced visual acuity may be due to a variety of diseases of the eye and the body as a whole.Early diagnosis of the causes of deterioration of visual function is necessary for the purpose of timely and adequate therapy.

acuity - is the main parameter of the visual system.Normal vision acuity is considered to be equal to one.As a result of various diseases or age-related changes may occur a decrease in visual acuity.

reasons for the decrease in visual acuity

reasons for the deterioration of visual acuity, there are many.All of them are divided into two types:

  • optical.Connected with defects of optics eye.They cause diseases such as farsightedness, astigmatism, nearsightedness.Decreased visual acuity in this case is shown in turbidity and vague images of objects at all distances;
  • touch.Violation svetovospriyatiya and processing of visual images.Deterioration svetovospriyatiya disease usually occurs in the retina, optic nerve or brain.Symptoms of loss of visual acuity when disturbed svetovospriyatii
    also known.

Diagnostics acuity

diagnostics reduce visual acuity holds ophthalmologist.The most common method of diagnosis is the use of 12-row table of letters, rings or patterns.The table is compiled in such a way that a person with normal visual acuity can easily distinguish the tenth line of letters or images from a distance of 5 meters.Each upper row of the table corresponds to visual acuity of 0.1.If a person does not see the signs of the first row, his visual acuity less than 1.0.When complete blindness vision equal 0.
Another survey by the fall of visual acuity is tested by a special light projectors that transmit the image of letters and characters on the screen in a darkened room.

To determine retinal acuity turbidity of optical media using laser eye retinometer.Each eye is necessary to investigate individually, as visual acuity of each of them may vary.The survey usually start with the right eye.

Treatment of loss of visual acuity

When the first signs of decline in visual acuity to see a doctor, as very often such deterioration progresses to partial or complete loss of vision.Treatment is primarily directed to correcting the underlying disease.Usually, the patient is discharged glasses with lenses individually selected.This will help improve the quality of vision and remove unnecessary eye strain.It is important not to overstrain your eyes and observe the light regime.In addition to drug therapy of the underlying disease is assigned a complex of vitamins for the eyes: A, B, C, E, lutein.Perhaps the appointment procedures of hardware, magnetic therapy, electrophoresis.Be sure to use gymnastics to the eye.The set of measures to improve visual acuity is adjusted individually and depends on many indicators of the state of the human body as a whole.

Reduced visual acuity for no apparent reason may be caused by eyestrain.In this case shows the relaxation and reduction of visual load.As a rule, such a deterioration of eye health is reversible and does not require serious medical or surgical treatment.

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